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Published on March 20th, 2013 | by danielward


5 Helpful Tips for the New Web Designer

In today’s growing digital world it’s essential that your business has a great website that speaks to consumers and entices action. However, building the perfect website can be very challenging, especially for someone who is new to the web design world. Lucky for you we’ve compiled a few helpful tips to ensure that your website design is a success and does all that it intends to do.

1. Keep it simple and sleek
When starting to design your first website the #1 element that beginner designers struggle with is keeping the design simple and sleek. You will scare away consumers if you bombard them with too many images, strong colors that compete, and lengthy text. Ensure that your site has a clean, sleek look and welcomes consumers with open arms. Making a consumer experience sensory overload only inhibits success. Conversely, having a site that consumers can easily navigate only encourages faith in your brand and product.

2. Make your purpose prominent
Yet another common mistake when designing a website is cluttering your design with multiple messages. When delving into designing your website you must first decide exactly what the purpose of this website is. What are you trying to do and who is your target? If the consumer is not aware of this the moment that they enter your site you are likely to miss out on your opportunity to gain brand recognition and loyalty.

3. Make your message clear
This 3rd tip correlates very closely with #2. Your message, along with the overall purpose of your site, must be apparent to the consumer the moment that they click onto your website. If your message is unclear there will be no way for the consumer to tell what it is that they are supposed to be doing. Do you want to simply inform them of your product? Sell a new item? Notify consumers of new information pertinent to your brand? Decide this prior to building your site and create your design around it. A clear message is essential for a website’s success.

4. Use riveting imagery
Ensuring that your website uses only clean, beautiful, crisp images is essential when establishing your brand as a whole. Chotsky visuals and animation will only make your site look outdated and tacky. By nature, the first thing an individual looks at upon entering a website is its overall layout and the imagery used. Thus, ensure that your imagery speaks to your brand and represents it exactly how you want.

5. Build your brand and stick with it
When building your website you want to ensure that your overall look and feel is consistent with any material or media you plan to connect to your business and/or brand. For instance, ensure that your chosen font is consistent throughout any piece of work you plan to create in the future, or have created in the past (website, flyer, print ad, etc.). This goes the same for colors and overall style. The last thing you want to do is confuse the consumer about who you are and what your brand represents. Rather, create a consistent look and feel that will remind the consumer about what exactly you do. Brand recognition is key to a successful website and overall business.

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