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Published on July 6th, 2015 | by Keira Rose


5 Tips Helping Resellers to Increase Sales of SMBs

The recent chain of events has made one thing clear and that is, small to medium business houses are relying on IT resellers more than ever before. On proper analysis of this growing trend, it was concluded that if this trend is properly capitalised, then it will prove to be a highly profitable venture. Not just profits, but it will also strengthen customer relationships.

Now is the time for IT resellers in UK to make the most of this opportunity by bringing in profits through boosting their services and increasing sales of the business houses. So IT resellers need to pull up their socks and make the most of this opportunity.

Quick Tips for Resellers to Increase Sales for SMBs

Aim to be the Comprehensive Solution Provider – Business houses whether small or big are all in the hunt for IT resellers who can provide a comprehensive package. This package includes end to end solutions for all problems that they are facing. This puts a lot of pressure on resellers to evolve beyond the norm of providing a particular product or service. Now it is more of offering a collection of inter related products each serving as a solution in the attempt to provide comprehensive strategies.

Offer Customised Services Meeting Requirements of SMBs – The competition to be one of the most well trusted IT resellers in UK is indeed a tough nut to crack. Higher the demand implies higher will be the competition to offer comprehensive packages. The only way to be ahead of your contemporaries is by offering customised services packaged into a deal. Move away from the tried and tested ways of providing deals that come in fixed packages with zero flexibility. So be flexible and tailor needs for customers.

Shift SMBs from Microsoft Windows Server 2003 – One of the rising issues of all small as well as medium business houses is the end of Microsoft Windows Server post July 2015. If this statement is anything to go by, then it is important that business houses make their move. Microsoft claims that there are about 24 million installations of Windows Server 2003, out of which 9.5 million are in UK. This signals the fact that IT resellers need to work hard to provide customers solutions that will help them to evolve from the existing architecture that is present in almost all organizations. IT resellers can make the most of this opportunity and turn themselves into strategic partners to all SMBs.

Offer Business Data Protection – There has been a lot of data breaches in the recent past which has increased the concerns of all business houses. This implies that keeping business data is one of the prime concerns for everybody running the show. Data protection and security is the need of the hour today. IT resellers have a big opportunity to help SMBs ensure that their data is kept highly protected and is not affecting the smooth functioning of business operations. Cloud backup is one of the most effective solutions.

Shift in Providing Services – Demand for resellers are at a never seen before stage. This indicates that resellers need to make a gradual shift from being just a mere service or product provider to being a reliable problem solver and trusted adviser. This shift in deliverables implies a huge responsibility on IT resellers. This responsibility is to spot problem areas and then offer solutions that will suit their business model. They need to have the ability to anticipate the constantly evolving needs of customers and offer solutions that will match those changing needs.

So now is the time for IT resellers to make the most of this opportunity and climb the success ladder.

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