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Published on March 28th, 2013 | by Ericka


5 Ways To Utilize Pinterest For Your Business

pinterestingPinterest has taken over the Internet with over 48.7 million users now active. Having taken only a third of the time Twitter took to generate 10 million users, it is a site that is going to continue growing at an incredible rate. So why should your business use Pinterest? Being an image based site, where users can generate and follow ‘boards’ of images, as well as ‘Repin’ images from one board to their own, it is a great way to generate traffic – as all the images have a click through link to their original source – which will be your website.

If you want to harness the power of Pinterest, follow these 5 tips to help you set up an established and valuable page. Pinning is winning, after all.

pinterest formula

We like to keep in mind this nifty little formula to keep us motivated when maintaining our Pinterest.

1Identify Your Themes – Choose what kind of boards you are going to create and what sort of images you are going to repin and add to them yourself. Keep general themes together. Remember they don’t have to be a collection of extremely similar images, keep it varied but keep it relevant. The idea is to get people who are interested to follow your boards.

2Theme Of The Day
Identify trends in images and use this to your advantage. Create a board containing a ‘Theme of the Day’. This will generate interest in what you are going to post next, and will be a good way to gain followers. Keep the themes relevant to what you’re products or services are and include an image of your own, so the link factor to your site is still there and available for everyone to access if they so wish to do so.

3Don’t Just Self-Promote
Repin from other businesses boards. This will generate a relationship with them when they see you regularly repinning and engaging with their pages, and ultimately this can lead to them doing the same for you. If they’re not your competitor, but they offer something of a similar calibre, it’s a win-win collaboration to promote what you’re both offering.

4Follow The Big Shots
If you’re a small business offering products or services similar to bigger companies, find out who runs their Pinterest pages and follow them. Chances are big companies won’t be too bothered about occasionally repinning  something from a smaller business that they don’t have any reason to feel worried about. As they will more than likely have an established base of board followers, who can potentially click through onto your pin.

5Ears Open
Keep your ears and eyes peeled for what you customers like. If something in particular gets repined a lot, make sure you post similar stuff.

Pinterest is a great way of promoting your business, but do not rely solely on this because there are other things that need to be done to make sure your business is successful; this includes everything from strong boxes for shipping products to great customer service!

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