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Published on August 2nd, 2016 | by simonhopes


A Guide to Buying a Cheap Smart TV

Technology came up trumps with the invention of the Smart TV. What’s more Smart TV’s have been around for some time now and as demand has risen so the price has dropped. For most of us the Smart TV is no longer a luxury more an affordable essential.

So what then what is a Smart TV?

A Smart TV has its own built in internet connectivity.

It is the merging of television broadcasts with the wonder of the internet and all the benefits that brings. Just to give you some idea here are a few ‘smart’ features you can expect.

  • Access to A myriad of television channels, either pay to view or free to view. The most popular of these of course being SKY; with a catalogue of series box sets, films, documentaries, live sport, cooking, radio …. And so on and so on.
  • With internet connectivity you browse the web as you would on your PC.
  • Access social media networks, watch films from a host of providers such as Netflix and Amazon, play games, enjoy your favourite AP, and tune in to BBC iPlayer or the fantastic YouTube.

In short it’s a complete entertainment package for the whole family. Truly high definition picture quality and superb sound is available with most ‘broadcasts’.

Two simple tips before you buy a Smart TV:

  1. Check out the picture quality of the screen from every angle to see if there’s any significant degradation in quality at certain viewpoints.
  2. Check out the TV’s sound; is it crisp, clear and loud enough to accommodate that blockbuster or that ACDC concert?

Go to a reputable shop and seek guidance, ask questions and use your own senses to validate the quality.

Smart TV’s have tumbled in price; but just how cheap can they be?

Obviously price is determined by screen size, picture and sound quality technology plus how much you’re prepared to haggle! Some people will haggle, some people won’t; the ‘wills’ get the best deals.

Purely by way of example currently you can pick up a Bush 40 Inch Full HD 1080p Smart LED TV, from a well-known high street store for just £199.99.

The Samsung UE50KU6000 50 Inch UHD HDR Smart LED TV has been seen for as little as £350.

For a really good deal consider second hand!

And why not; we live in a must have society, we must have the latest computer, smart phone and of course TV. TV’s are regularly being upgrade meaning there are some excellent quality bargains available.

Shops often clear older models to make way for the next must have generation.

The private seller just wants the old set out of his front room.

Ask about superseded models or check-out the numerous auction or cheap deal sites.

Whatever your requirements there’s a Smart TV out there with your name on it. Set a budget, seek advice and demonstrations before firmly enquiring ‘OK, what discount can I have?’

Whatever the result, you are guaranteed to be delighted with your Smart TV purchase.

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