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Published on February 11th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


Five Accessories You Must Have for Your New Smart Phone

Whether you have just received a new smart phone for the holidays or are shopping for a best smartphone for yourself, there are some accessories you absolutely must have. These essential accessories serve to protect your costly smart phone from damage, while making the device safer and easier to use.

No matter what type of smart phone you own or where you get your service, you absolutely must have these accessories to go with it.

  1. A hard case – your new smart phone is durable, but it is no match for a drop to a hard surface. A single fall from a countertop or desk could crack the screen or damage the keypad, making your new phone virtually unusable. A hard case will protect your new smart phone from damage and greatly extend its life.
  1. A spare charger – the battery life on new smart phones is much longer than that of older model cell phones, but that does not mean you will not run short of power just when you need it most. Investing in a spare emergency charger gives you the power you need to keep talking even when your battery is rapidly losing steam.
  1. A Bluetooth adapter – your new smart phone lets you stay connected on the go, but in many cities it is illegal to hold it while you are driving. Many parts of the country have passed bans on handheld cell phones  if you want to talk and drive you will need a wireless adapter to do so. A Bluetooth wireless adapter can also make your smart phone easier and more comfortable to use, even after you park your car.
  1. A screen protector – the screen is the most vulnerable part of your smart phone. A scratched or broken screen can be quite costly to fix, but you can prevent that damage with a simple and inexpensive accessory. A screen protector is a must-have accessory for any smart phone owner.
  1. A multimedia headset – smart phones are more than communication devices; they are music players and radios as well. A multimedia headset will allow you to listen to your favorite MP3 or stream your favorite radio station, without disturbing those around you.

These great accessories will make your new smart phone more useful, all the while protecting an expensive device from harm. The cost of these simple but invaluable devices is a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of a the best smartphones – so head out to your favorite store and pick them up today.

Sam Jones, the author, has the best smartphone he can afford and thinks certain accessories are essential to it.

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