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Published on March 28th, 2013 | by robertfog


The Advantages Of IP Multimedia Subsystems

IP Multimedia Subsystems, commonly known by the acronym IMS is an internet protocol system which permits and facilitates the union of mobile instruments, various networks and also for many multimedia services. Users of this service have the benefit of the amalgamation of various different forms of communication such as pictures and messages and also verbal communication into a single call which makes it a highly worthwhile system for all users and subscribers. This also allows the providers of VoIP services to standardize their operations and promotional activities across various channels into one place and for the interlinking of various providers in one common place which simplifies their work and also gives the additional and extremely crucial benefit of significantly lower costs for advertising and promotion purposes.

IP Multimedia Subsystem architecture allows service providers the chance to give their customers original products and much improved performance and quality as costs for the service providers are reduced and the end customers reap the benefits of these reduced costs. Also, these services are available via wireless technology and also on broadband and across ISP’s providing wired services.

There are many advantages for users and providers alike for employing IP Multimedia Subsystems. Some of these advantages are:

    – It makes it relatively simple for providers to create better and improved applications because of open Application Programming Interfaces

    – Other parties and programmers can also share their programs on this system with users and service providers alike for various purposes and also due to standardized system, their work becomes much easier and they can obtain and use the services of these providers and develop programs more needed by the customers by experiencing the process themselves and make money and also their risks are highly reduced this way

    – Other services such as while talking to some other person on a VoIP system, you can also talk to another person simultaneously and receive and send messages to other people at the same time. This is extremely useful, especially in the business perspective as it makes it easier to get more work done in less time and they can also use conference calling for three or more people to converse at the same time from different work stations.

    – Also, due to the standardized set of operations, the time required from developing a new product and actually introducing it into the market is significantly reduced because now service providers have organized their work through this system and it saves them more time to spend on creating better products for their users

    – Through more efficient systems they can get more new users and also hope to maintain their current users

    – A complete package of services can be offered due to IP Multimedia Subsystems including calls, texts, etc which makes it easy for customers to compare which products hold the most value for them in price and quality

    – As already mentioned, costs are significantly reduced through IMS, making it cheaper for the service provider as well as the end customer.

Also, since IMS allows the data of users to be saved in a single place, third party promotional offers become relatively easier as they can access the contacts (with permission of course) and send them the products best suited to them.

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