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Published on February 6th, 2013 | by toptech


Air Graffiti Hopes To Revolutionize The Very Concept Of Photo Booths

If guests remember events, those events can be considered a success

One of the most attractive and enjoyable aspects of events like parties, weddings, etc, is the photo booth set up at the venues. Guests who attend these events can take souvenirs that can make them relive the nostalgic and pleasant memories of the events. For example, a few pals may decide to group together to take many silly and funny pictures in the booths. Companies that make such photo booths have started providing clients with customized photos in which there will be various types of backgrounds, props and also borders that may make the photos look attractive.

Companies must know the requirements of their clients

Many of these companies are also allowing their clients to view the photos online at any time and from any place. These photos are stored in an online web gallery which allows the users to gain access from any place whatsoever. But, there may be a section of clients who may always want something more. This is because they may be of the opinion that a photo booth may limit the options of backgrounds, borders and so on and so forth. Of course, there may be an equal number of people who may think that this is a non-issue. But, given the mind process of people these days, such companies may come across both the types of clients.

Another point on which some of the unrelenting clients may harp upon is that they themselves have to handle everything in the booth. To tide over this problem, these companies have started manned booths where there will be an attendant to assist in all the tasks required for taking photographs.

Technology infused into the traditional photo-booth concept

Now, thanks to the technological advancements that have taken place, the concept of photo-booths has also embraced the “digital” magic. The new alternative that is available to clients is “Air Graffiti”. This concept is said to make events much more memorable and special and so the clients will remember these events for many oncoming years.

Air Graffiti allows guests to have a completely customized picture of the event. But, there is no need of a photo booth because they will have what is known as the “Air-Graffiti Wall”. This is nothing but a virtual wall and it is a combination of green-screen and photo-booth technologies. There will be a wider range of options available in these virtual backgrounds and guests can choose the one they like the most. All the virtual backgrounds can be customized for which customers can use a digital spray-paint and other tools. By using these artistic elements, guests can turn photos into more memorable and attractive pictures. The only point is that they should be more creative for taking such great pictures. Companies that make Air-Graffiti packages may depute an artist also if guests want professional help because professionals with skilled expertise are capable of making things more exciting with their creativity and artwork.

Air Graffiti will certainly be the future of party-booth technology but, in this technology, there will be no need for booths. Guests can have high-quality, more beautiful and attractive pictures. But, those who arrange these events should choose a reputed company and seek their services so that the events will certainly turn out to be unforgettable ones.

This article is written by Duke Johnson. He recently attended an event and got hold of a digital graffiti spray which helped him draw digital graffiti using a laptop and projection screen.

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