Tech Five Amazing Discoveries Found with X-rays

Published on March 28th, 2013 | by MadysonGrant


Five Amazing Discoveries Found with X-rays

Ever since German physicist Wilhelm Röntgen discovered and coined the term x-ray in 1895, the electromagnetic radiation has been used to discover incredible things stuck in the human body.


Twenty cobblestones


A woman in China swallowed twenty cobblestones after getting into a passionate argument with her boyfriend. Apparently she figured that not only is swallowing stones a good way to channel her rage, but she also thought that her digestive system could handle items that aren’t edible and aren’t meant to be digested by the human body in the first place. She paid for her ignorance, because three days later the stones were still present in her stomach. She could actually feel the stones shuffling against each other inside her, which must have hurt a lot.


Gigantic hairball


A woman in Chicago went to the hospital after suffering from stomach aches, vomiting and losing forty pounds out of nowhere. They took an x-ray to find a “large, dark mass” in her stomach. While the dark mass was initially assumed to be a tumor, it turned out to be a ten pound hairball. The lady apparently suffers from trichophagia, a disease that gives her the urge to eat her own hair.


Thirty magnets


A little girl in India swallowed thirty magnets. Thankfully, the child survived the operation, but it was mostly by luck. Magnets stick together, even when they are between two essential body parts. Hopefully her parents keep a better eye on the little girl in the future.


Seventy-eight spoons and forks


Topping both of the previous females effortlessly, a Netherlands woman decided to swallow seventy eight spoons and forks. The most baffling part of the story is that the lady didn’t seem to realize what the cause of her devastating stomach aches were linked to the fact that she developed a desire to eat cutlery.


A fetus inside a man


Sanju Bhagat was teased quite often for having an gigantic belly rivaling pregnant women. One night he experienced an incredible amount of pain and shortness of breath, and was rushed to the hospital. What doctors found inside of him was a mutated body that turned out to be a partially formed fetus. Bhagt had a twin inside of his body that he kept within him for more than thirty years.


As one can see from this article, x-rays have been known to find incredible things within the human body. However, some people are queasy at the thought of going in for an x-ray even at the sign of trouble because of the link between x-rays and cancer. Radiation protection is available for those people, so there is no excuse not to get an x-ray done when one needs it.

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