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Published on January 19th, 2013 | by kelvin


An Analytic Discussion on the Increasing Popularity of Smartphone Games

Since the time when mobile phones began having their own screens, the games started getting incorporated in them. At the very initial stage, the one and only game was the one that was named Snake. It was a game presented by Nokia. The mobile users of today get the privilege of enjoying a highly entertaining experience of playing mobile phone games. In the yester years, these games were only seen and were played in gaming consoles and home computers.

However, mobile gaming has to be considered as a development that is relatively new and has paved its way in the market in a rather slower manner when compared to the other technologies related to mobile phones. The mobile phone handsets that were used earlier had very small screens. There were other limitations too such as a person playing a game could only make use of the alphanumeric controls. Therefore, it can be said that for many years during the initial stage, the games in mobile phones were very much gimmick.

Emergence of Smartphone Games

However, in the year of 2007, the mobile phone market saw the arrival of smartphones with touch-screen feature in them. These phones had screens that were a lot bigger. Therefore, they were in proper synchronization with the graphical games. Along with that, the input method was way more proper when compared to a keypad that is constricted and small. Emergence of the application stores such as the “Apple App Store” and the “Android Market” offered a means to all the game developers for introducing their software for gaming in the market of mobile phones.

There is no doubt in the fact the popularity of smartphone games has increased at a remarkable rate over the last few years. It has become so much popular that the gaming level is being compared to those of the gaming consoles. Sony and Microsoft are two rival companies who have been competing intensely for attaining dominance in the world of smartphone gaming.

Apple and Android have been taking over the authority in smartphone gaming from the “Windows Mobile” operating system. This prompted the company to make a change in strategy. Observing that there has been a considerable increase in the popularity of cheap smartphones, they started designing games that have absolute compatibility with the cheap smartphones.

Rise in Popularity

Most of the developers of mobile phone games including the renowned ones were a bit doubtful initially about the possibility of cheap smartphones gaining popularity among the consumers. Therefore, they were hesitating a lot in developing games for these phones. The games that they designed were mostly for the costly smartphones and the target customers were the people from the world of business.

The entire scenario changed when the cheap smartphones started getting highly popular. The renowned manufacturers of cell phones presented these phones to the market and they were widely accepted by the consumers. Therefore, the developers of mobile phone games too realized the high prospect of doing something profitable and started creating games for these phones. Since then, smartphone games have managed to hold on to a strong position and have been a provider of some great entertainment for all of us.

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