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Published on August 24th, 2016 | by Keira Rose


Analyzing the Growing Importance of Independent Testing Vendors

The cut-throat competition in the software industry has made it imperative for all applications to exhibit tremendous functionality and promise uninterrupted user experience. Now, testing is crucial for several reasons. It adds value to the application, reduces the overall cost and time and enables the business to focus on their core competencies. Today, every business, irrespective of whether it is in the banking sector, the FMCG sector or any other, needs a software application to experience a smooth operational process and a lot of credibility. This is where the independent testing vendors have a crucial role to play. The testing verifies an application in its entirety and validates its entire range of functions and ensures that it fully complies with the objective of its expected use.

What does an Independent Testing Vendor do?

A professional testing vendor makes use of the best practices and procedures. What is more important is that the testers look into the aspects of security, functionality, performance and usability from an impartial perspective. And this helps them identify the bugs and bottlenecks that otherwise hinder the efficacy of the software. Regression testing and test automations are also executed thoroughly to ensure that both the front end as well as the back end works together to avoid any kind of failure.

How Testing Ensures the Success of the Application and the Business?

A lot of factors are taken into consideration to pave the way for the success of any particular software application. As opposed to the common misconception that testing by offshore vendors causes cost and time overruns, the fact is that the testing vendors save a lot of time by simultaneous testing and QA of the software right during the development phases. The professionals verify the adherence of the software to the project objectives and goals.

With an offshore independent testing vendor, a business is able to cut down about 60% of the costs. Plugging holes are identified at the earliest possible stage, which further allows introducing the applications much ahead of time while also saving the cost of remodeling. With no overhead costs, the business now has its applications running with success.

With the professional testing vendors at service, tailored strategy and use of the latest automation open source and licensed tools are assured. For instance, the Selenium automation testing is being increasingly preferred to attest the quality, integration, reliability and compatibility of the web applications in the popular languages, browsers and platforms.

To sum it up, offshore independent software testing ensures budget optimization for Quality Assurance. Using high quality talent at a comparatively low cost owing to geography/location for performing functions that would otherwise be more expensive than onshore testing is making this possible.  Apart from budget optimization for Quality Assurance, the offshore partner also focuses on areas like problem identification and documentation, since it is more familiar with the process of quality improvement, thus helping clients focus on the other core competencies like sales and marketing.

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