Showdown Android Versus IPhone

Published on February 17th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


Android Versus IPhone – The Battle Of The Smartphones

When it comes to smartphones, two major contenders are out there: Android smartphones and Apple’s iPhones. While the iPhone is definitely an industry leader, having been released before Androids ever hit the market and always having the latest innovations in technology, Android smartphones are also incredibly popular and come with their own set of benefits and advantages over the iPhone. So, how do you decide which type of smartphone is right for you? Here are some advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Benefits of Android Smartphones

Choices: When it comes to purchasing an Android, consumers have a huge variety of choices from many different manufacturers, from LG and HTC to Samsung and Nokia. Each manufacturer puts out its own set of Android-powered smartphones so that consumers can choose the style, look, and feel that works best for them, and consumers also choose between the individually unique features found on all of these different smartphones. When it comes to iPhones, on the other hand, consumers can only purchase the latest version that has come onto the scene, and what you see is what you get. Despite having a few options in terms of the colour of the iPhone, anyone who has this phone has the same phone as the next iPhone user.

Customization: In addition to choosing an Android phone based on its exterior appearance and size, the next best thing about these phones is the ability to customize them. You can change everything from the layout of these phones to the keyboard you type on. The iPhone, on the other hand, follows a basic structure and appearance that is not as highly customizable.

More Apps: Android now offers just as many apps as Apple, and the bonus is that many of the apps that you have to pay for on an iPhone are absolutely free on Android phones. With the huge variety of apps to choose from, this allows you to customize your Android even further.

Benefits of iPhones

Apps Come Here First: Developers will more than likely create their apps for the iPhone before they make equivalent apps for Android systems. Therefore, those who use iPhones can get greater access to the latest apps and enjoy them before Android users get the chance. In addition, the iPhone has more Apple-specific apps that you simply cannot get on any Android phone.

Upgrades: One of the major advantages of having an iPhone is that you can update it to the point that it operates like the newest iPhone, even if your phone is several years old. That means that you do not need to run out and purchase a new smartphone every couple of years or when a new operating system is released. Instead, you can simply upgrade your current iPhone and still get all the perks of the latest iPhone technology.

Battery Life: Yet another major advantage iPhone has over Android is its long battery life. While Android phones are almost too complex, with battery-draining apps and screens, the iPhone has managed to advance to the point that its battery life is longer than ever before.

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