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Android Operating System: A Revolution of its Kind

The market share enjoyed by the Android OS developed by Google, of the entire mobile OS division is the maximum. Since, its inception there have been a number of mobile manufacturing companies and that of high stature, which have commended only positively on the approach that Google has taken with its open source technology based upon the Android OS. The development team of the Android system is equipped to work in a customized manner so that they would meet the requirements of several customers. Applications of varied nature like sales presentation, business presentation, universal application and obviously games can be developed in Android.

Since, the primary aim of the android is to make operating through a mobile device even easier for the users the technology is gaining more popular with everyday. Therefore, it is undoubted that an Android application development will prove immensely helpful for the businesses or the companies. Moreover, the android app developers are equipped with all the latest tools and hence would be able to give you the best kind of service.

Getting or Promoting an App Gets Easier

Today, one would get to access over thousand of android-based apps. Moreover, with the development of each new app the market is undergoing a unique evolution. As a result finding the app you had been looking for is much easier now, also you can get an app prepared by you at the forefront and ensure that it gets noticed. For each category, today’ Android market has a different section. The download link of the apps are placed exactly at the top that ensures them getting noticed as soon as the page opens. Moreover, for links, which are not really very convincing for the people, a new link is also added. For promotional purposes, a thumbnail link is included in the page that would direct the user to a product video. But the link will have to be submitted beside the application.

The Growing Android Market

A recent survey, has shown this great news that the market of Android phones, as a result of a new handset being launched almost every now and then, is growing by 32% a month. The connectivity feature is strengthened with ireless, Bluetooth, WiFi, EDGE, 3g and GPRS connection options. On the other hand, the flawless assimilation with Google maps help one to get the location of an address in the application itself. The Android software list also includes accelerometer as well as GPS.

Additional Features

One must however not be in a misconception that this is an end to the list. There are many other beneficial features that can be reaped of an Android OS. Some of these extra features are as follows,

  1. Transferring data over the mobile devices with the help of EDGE, GPS, Bluetooth, CDMA, Wi-Fi, UMTS and EV-DO
  2. Libraries for graphical representation of 2D and 3D
  3. Wide libraries for videos, images as well as audios
  4. Video camera
  5. Accelerometer
  6. Magnetometer
  7. Touch screen
  8. G-Talk on a P2P basis
  9. Data Storage in SQLite

As a result, it can be said that there is little one can complaint about the Android OS.

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