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Published on March 20th, 2013 | by MelissaWelsh


Three new apps worth downloading

Sketch O Paint app

Sketch O Paint is an amazing digital drawing application for android that’s focused on pen, ink and line creation using the touch screens. This application mainly focuses on black and white artwork. It is a robust drawing app with numerous brushes and tools for creating high quality artwork. One of the coolest features is that the screen is pressure-sensitive. It can therefore give a very realistic drawing experience than any other drawing app in the android market. Once you have completed the drawing process, you can save you work and resume them later. The software even gives you the functionality of exporting your work to PC or share it with your friends via email. This piece of software apart from being super cool has many benefits for kids who seek to tap into their creativity. Adobe Photoshop touch and Sketch are similar useful products if you have a device with a bigger screen.

The next amazing application is a VOIP (voice over internet) programme called Tango. Tango allows you to text and make calls using the device’s internet connection without using the cellular plan. Tango also gives the option of sending images, text messages and videos other than making calls. One of the coolest features in Tango is that it allows you to make video calls to anyone who has the Tango app installed. Tango even allows you to play games with your friends while you are talking to them and stores all the multimedia files you’ve sent or received. Tango is not just about calling. Tango, to a surprising degree, falls more in the line of interaction than communication. Other software that offer similar features are Skype and Viber.

The next software is called the Epic Citadel. This is more of a technology demonstration than a game per se. It is a first-person exploration experience where the user can explore a medieval town. The programme is powered by Unreal Engine 3. The demo app lets you walk through a city and even there’s not much you can do, it shows the power of the Unreal engine behind. This in one sense can be a fore sign that Infinity Blade may very soon find its way into Android.

Swiftkey 3 (beta) is probably the best virtual keyboard so far on Android. The special thing about this software is that it allows you to type seamlessly without the use of spacebar. The artificial intelligence in this app learns from your typing style and offers the most relevant suggestions. The application still hasn’t found itself onto Google Play.

Loopstack is another awesome piece of software if you are a crazy about music. To start a loop, first you have to record loops into four channels. In the multi-tack interface you find the reverb and volume controllers next to each track. To start a loop, first you have to choose a tempo. The software also gives you the option of mixing the files and exporting or separately exporting.

Dropbox for Android is a cloud based storage service. This app makes file sharing between web connected devices super easy and very efficient. This app is available for almost all major mobile platforms. Just for creating an account, you get 2GB of free space and you can earn more space by recommending the application to others. It’s simple a matter of loading your Dropbox with content. Once the application is loaded, you can simply access any of the files.

Do Not Disturb is a modern day answering machine for smart phones. This app can act as your electronic personal secretary or personal assistant and keep your friends, family and colleagues informed. This app has the ability to silently deal with the incoming text messages and phone calls and send automatic responses explaining why you are busy. You can read and reply text message later with no hard feelings. All these apps we discussed here are really worth downloading and you simply would not regret.


This guest article is written by Melissa Welsh. Melissa is working as a freelance content writer. She loves desert safaris and likes to write in her leisure time. Currently she is writing some interesting articles about private jet Farnborough airport.

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