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Published on February 4th, 2015 | by Keira Rose


Biometric Solution: The Most Popular Among All Access Control Systems

To meet the demand of more involved and more responsible security system without significantly increasing the budget and security forces, access control system came to the scene. It is now ruling the roost among all types of security measures. As the most important and popular method of access control system, it emerged. Since the time of its introduction till date, it is doing extremely well in security service domain. It basically involves the method of selective access to a place, creating restriction on unwanted access. A person gets permission to enter into the premises after the authentication of his identity.


The most advanced biometric solutions include a single dashboard style interface for controlling the whole system by an end user. They are highly cleaver in recording biometric login time and ensuring compliance with security policy of an organization. Now biometric devices are used by almost all offices and other organizations for recording employee log in and logout time and in some cases counting their total working hours. For their uniqueness, permanence, collectability, acceptability, and circumvention, they are the favorite choices for almost all SMEs (small and midsized organizations), corporate giants and big business conglomerate.

As it can significantly cut down the cost of keeping security guards for recording the in-time of the employees, the uses of access control system are increasing day by day. Another value added advantage of this system is that you do not need to keep dedicated employees for counting the whole month’s biometric login report. You can easily do it just pressing one single button.

Given below are the significant benefits offered by biometric solutions

  • Identify users’ information and allows them get into the premises after authentication.
  • Reduce confusion and problems
  • Record log in and log out time
  • Protect system resources
  • Verify system users
  • Ensure Physical access control
  • Prevent unauthorized use or access
  • Administer security to meet his goal of installation
  • Increase customer activity
  • Perfect and accurate time attendance systems
  • Offer access control to computer systems
  • Provide access control to portable media

Biometric solution devices work on fingerprint, palm, voice, iris, and more.

Biometric solution devices work on:

  • Fingerprint recognition
  • Voice recognition
  • Iris recognition
  • Face recognition
  • Hand geometry recognition
  • Retina recognition

Biometric Solutions

Depending on their functionalities biometric solutions can be categorized in into two distinct groups.

i) Solutions depending on a physiological factor. Fingerprint recognition and iris recognition are the two prominent example of this type.

ii) Solutions depending on a behavioral factor.  Voice pattern recognition and keystroke dynamics belong to this type.

How does it work?

Biometrics used for identity authentication. It verifies the identity of a person. As soon as a person looks for access into the premises, it asks him for identity verification like fingerprint authentication or voice recognition. Once he has done it takes the scan copy and sends it to the inbuilt software that analyzes it with the data captured in order to determinate the measured biometric factor. Once it is done, it allows the person for access into the premises.

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