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The Best Blackberry Phones Today

Research in Motion or RIM, a Canada based mobile phone manufacturing company; promotes the Blackberry brand of mobile phones. In the early days of mobile Internet access, Blackberry was the favoured choice among bankers, lawyers, business executives and corporate honchos. The push mail service offered by the Blackberry smartphones was useful for professionals and business people. The Qwerty keypad is a distinctive feature offered by all Blackberry models.

Blackberry Curve 9320

Blackberry Curve 9320, the budget model from BBM is an entry level smartphone with a cute design. It is comfortable to hold in your hands and weighs a little over 100gm. It is supported by Blackberry OS 7.1 which is a huge improvement compared to earlier operating systems. However, with Blackberry 10 round the corner, this version of operating system may become obsolete soon. The 2.44” low resolution display is a non-touchscreen display. Five home screens can be flipped with the help of a trackpad. The Qwerty keypad can be used to type texts and mails. Push email and BB Messenger 6 are strong points of Blackberry Curve 9320. Now, apps, games and social networks are also integrated with the messenger. So that is another plus point.

With the Blackberry Curve 9320 being a budget model, it offers a 3.15MP camera with 4x digital zoom and LED flash. However, the auto focus feature is missing. It offers the facility of geo tagging and image stabilisation. Face detection mode and pre-set scene modes are some additional features offered by the Curve 9320. The camera snaps reasonably good pictures, as long as the light is good. Video recording can be done without HD facility. The Blackberry Curve 9320 offers a limited storage of just 512 MB, but the micro SD card slot makes it possible to increase the storage up to 32 GB. This is a good budget phone with 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity and can be available on a monthly contract starting at £7.

The Blackberry Bold 9790

The Blackberry Bold 9790 is another model from Blackberry with touch screen and Qwerty keyboard feature. It works on the Blackberry 7 operating system and with the launch of the Blackberry 10 operating system these devices cannot be upgraded. The Blackberry Bold 9790 is designed in a classic, minimalist style. The 10.5 mm body is a solid build corporate handset. The display screen size is 2.43” with a 480×360 resolution. The 5MP camera captures decent pictures with good details and remarkable colour accuracy. The camera works wonderfully outdoors, but the picture quality can be a bit fuzzy in low light conditions. The video camera is sensitive to low light and can produce noisy footage. However, strong daylight can be helpful in producing good details.

Blackberry Bold 9790 offers touch friendly menu and faster browsing. Email and messaging are Blackberry’s strong points. You can access Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo mail from your phone. You can also use BBM for messaging and text and Facebook and twitter apps can connect you with social networks. You can sync your calendar and contacts with Facebook. Phone contacts can be linked to Facebook friends and Facebook events can be added to the phone calendar. The Facebook app offers a number of options such as update status, upload pictures, use Facebook chat, sign in to Facebook places etc. you can also access YouTube to watch videos. The Blackberry Bold 9790 is an expensive option with a monthly contract starting from £30.

The Blackberry 10 is a long awaited new model from RIM to be launched around February, 2013. This is a make or break model for the company. It is expected to be a touch-screen phone with high quality feel and larger than the relatively tiny iPhone 5.

Phil Turner has an ancient mobile phone and is hoping that the new Blackberry will suit his needs and pocket better than most smartphones available today.

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