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Published on February 7th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


Broadband Start Ups Making Waves on the Tech Scene

The startup and venture capital scene is a hotbed of activity, with billions of dollars changing hands in 2012 alone. Funding rounds like the investment of 277.2 million into Fiskar Automotive, 200 million into mobile payment processing startup Square, and even the 125 million investment into cloud collaboration startup Box have become commonplace in today’s hot tech scene ( One sector of the market gaining traction is the broadband startup scene. With power players from around the globe investing and advising, broadband startups could see significant growth during the coming year. Notable startups to watch are as follows:


This Italian startup is rocking both the multimedia and broadband television markets. With their Eclexia® multiscreen platform for multimedia viewing on simultaneous digital devices (second screen viewing) and their Tivin® second screen connector, Vetrya is proving they definitely have their head in the game. Social television is on the rise with an estimated 68-70% of smartphone and tablet users participating in online activities while enjoying their favorite television shows ( Whether they are engaging in forum discussions or participating on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the number of consumers in need of multimedia broadband access is most certainly on the rise. When you add in the integration of television apps ( into the second screen phenomenon, it is easy to see that Vetrya is on the right path to startup success.

CorePlus World

Another rising star on the broadband startup scene is CorePlus World. Based out of Dallas, TX, CorePlus World offers a five-layer cloud computing option for business users on the go. With their Grid/Store/Engine/Desk/Development platform, CorePlus World users have access to on-demand full range broadband services wherever and whenever they need them. With built in security features, backup and recovery options, integrated infrastructure, apps, and mobile capabilities, CorePlus World customers have all of their cloud computing needs met in one seamless solution.

Mass Relevance

Another hot startup out of Texas is Austin’s Mass Relevance. While technically not a broadband startup, Mass Relevance’s social television expertise makes them too important to ignore. With social television integrations with powerhouses like The Ryder Cup, Callaway Golf, The Washington Redskins, and The Big Ten Network, Mass Relevance has been garnering plenty of venture capitalist interest. Current investors include the likes of Floodgate’s Mike Maples, Asana’s Kenny Van Zant, and Capital Factory’s Joshua Baer. With products like Mass Streams, Mass Galleries, Mass Maps, and Mass Expressions, this Austin startup is at the forefront of bringing social content to the second screen audience. Their SaaS platform can be integrated into multiple mediums including television, website, and social media platforms like Facebook. With Facebook API access and an official curation partnership with Twitter, Mass Relevance is proving to be a startup on the path to success.

Whether you are a technology buff on the hunt for the latest social television information or an interested investor digging through data for your next capital investment, paying attention to the broadband market is highly advisable. Social television is rapidly changing the landscape for broadband providers. The coming year could potentially foster a gold rush mentality within this booming sector.

Sam Jones, the author, works in the wireless broadband industry and is excited to see the new developments in the industry.

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