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Published on March 21st, 2013 | by Keira Rose


For all you budding movie makers out there

Movie producer

Movie making software

  • So you want to be the world’s next famous movie producer, you want to write and produce your own films and see your name up in lights. Well until now you would have had to get some sort of backing from a movie company of be able to afford to fund the money yourself.

Doing it yourself

Available software

  • But nowadays there are ways and means of getting round these problems especially with the amount of software there is available through the internet. There are literally loads of software packages that will allow you to edit your films and even produce films.

Deciding which to use

Anyone can use it

  • So which one do you decide to go for well that will always be a personal choice, it will depend on what exactly it is that you want to do and what you want the software to do for you.

Being a novice

  • For example you may just be starting out and so you have not really used this kind of software before, well you would look for a very simple software package which you can learn the basics from until you feel confident within yourself to then move on to something a little more complicated.


  • Or you may have already become familiar with the different software packages available and you have now progressed to wanting something that will offer you a more professional end result. Well you will not have to worry because there is a movie making software package on the internet for everyone no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are.

Home movies

Adding different effects

  • There are packages that will allow you to edit home videos and add different effects, you can use your photos as part of the final result, you can add music to your films the list is endless.

Programmes that do it for you

  • If you are not at the stage where you are able to do the more complicated parts of putting a film together you can always get a package that does everything for you once you have put in all the things that you will need to eventually produce your very own film. Once you have added everything you need the package then does the hard work for you, it will change shots if it feels that it can offer you a better result.

Adding things


  • It will sort out the music if you have used any in your film.

Correct mistakes

  • It will even correct mistakes and rectify any problems that it comes across and create your film in a matter of moments. It will do everything and give you a perfectly created film which you can then show anyone you like and can also be proud of.



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