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Published on July 11th, 2016 | by simonhopes


Buying a cheap Smart TV

Smart TV’s are any television that can be connected to the internet. Smart TV’s are useful for streaming media, running internet based applications, and browsing the internet. Many TV manufacturers are gradually making internet connectivity part and parcel of the TV’s they manufacture. Over the next few years, it is likely that all TV’s will be able to connect to the internet as standard.

Smart TVs are manufactured by almost all major manufacturer. The technology has become more readily available over the years, which has resulted in reduced costs for manufacturers and customers alike. Budget Smart TV’s can be bought from some of the cheaper manufacturers such as TCL or Hisense, providing a cheaper alternative to the more high-end models such as Samsung and Sony.

When searching for a cheap Smart TV, the main thing you want to look for is good value for the money you’re about to part with. Forget about cheap gimmicks and flashy extras, the main indicators of quality when it comes to a Smart TV is its ability to connect to the internet, size and picture quality.

Smart TV’s do not all connect to the internet in the same way. Many use a wired Ethernet connection connected to a router you have set up in your home; others have built in Wi-Fi to connect to your home network. Most modern models will have both options; for the fastest connection, it is advisable to connect an Ethernet cable directly to the router, however, if this is not possible and you are relying on a Wi-Fi connection alone, consider where the TV will be placed in relation to the router. If this is going to be a long distance, it may be worth investing in a Smart TV with a stronger connection, otherwise you may struggle to stream without difficulty. Make sure you read reviews and check the stated Wi-Fi coverage before making a purchase.

If you have a particularly large house, or you plan to put your TV a significant distance away from your router, you may want to consider getting a set-top box instead, as these tend to have a more sensitive Wi-Fi receiver. There are also numerous Wi-Fi extenders available for purchase to boost your signal, these can be purchased from companies such as Netgear.

The services offered by Smart TV’s tend to differ significantly. The software used, online apps and services available vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. If you’re looking for a relatively cheap Smart TV, it’s a good idea to have in mind which apps, services and capabilities you would like your Smart TV to have, and search for a budget Smart TV that fulfils your criteria. Almost all Smart TV’s will support popular services such as Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, etc, but some of the cheaper ones may only offer a small range of apps. If you’re looking for an extensive list of apps, you may have to go for a higher market Smart TV, however, if you’re content with the bare essentials, a budget Smart TV should be fine.

In terms of user interface, Smart TV’s range from display panels to tabbed windows or scrolling screens. Though these are all very user-friendly, if you have a particular preference, make sure you try before you buy. If you find navigation simple to use, and you are happy with the services included, then consider making the purchase.

One of the main downsides to buying a budget Smart TV, as opposed to one of the more high-end brands, is that depending on the manufacturer, you may see the apps available are not updated as frequently as they should be. Smart TV’s that use platforms such as Android TV and Roku tend to see regular updates and bug fixes, but some of the cheaper models are likely to update less frequently.

That depends. For the most part, TV manufacturers are adding and customizing apps on their own. Some TV companies are quicker than others at fixing the occasional bug or working with developers to improve their apps. Sets that are powered by such platforms as Roku and Android TV see fairly regular updates.

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