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Published on February 4th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


Buying Guide For A BlackBerry

Those who think that a BlackBerry handset is limited to business users need to think again.  The range has evolved a great deal in recent years and there is now a variety of handsets available – not all of them for the business user.  While BlackBerry is noted for its cute handsets complete with QWERTY keyboard there are also touchscreen phones available, so making your choice might be harder than you think.

Keyboard or Touchscreen

The first thing to consider is the design of the phone that you want.  The touchscreen handsets are slightly larger than those with a QWERTY keyboard so you should think about how this is going to sit comfortably in the hand.  Take a trip to a mobile phone store and try holding each one to see how they feel.

The touchscreens are designed to appeal more to the mass market, so there are more and more teenagers and non-business users opting for a BlackBerry these days and if you fall into one of these categories then a touchscreen phone might be more your thing.  They work in a very similar way to other touchscreen handsets that are on the market and the latest of them has already been compared to the iPhone.

If you want the phone for surfing the internet then a touchscreen option is far better.  The QWERTY handsets tend to have a fairly small screen which makes viewing websites that little bit harder. If your main aim is to keep in touch with friends and family via social networking sites then having internet access and the ability to view it clearly is going to be more important for you.

Intended Use

The next thing to consider is the tasks that you need the phone to carry out.  If you simply want the handset for calls and checking the occasional email, then one of the basic QWERTY handsets will be enough.  A business user who will need to check emails frequently and respond to them might prefer to have one of the later versions of the QWERTY handsets for improved speeds and access.

Business users will also benefit from the document viewing software that is included with the phone.  The ability to view and edit office documents on the move is a bonus and this type of software is included on many of the handsets.


Cost is another feature that you will need to take into consideration.  The good news here is that most of the handsets are available on low-cost price plans if you opt for a contract phone and you can often get the phone free of charge.  This may not apply to the newer handsets but it pays to shop around with a few different providers as they will all have different deals on offer.

Give careful consideration to the phone that you buy as if you are on a contract you will need to live with it for some time.  BlackBerry has developed a good reputation for quality handsets so whichever you choose it is unlikely that you will be disappointed.

Phil Turner is looking at an Orange mobile internet contract to stay connected on the go in the UK.

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