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Published on March 19th, 2013 | by Anthonys


How to Take Care of Your Jewelry with Latest Technology

Fashion jewelry is most commonly referred to as costume jewelry. They come in various metals and is inexpensive, affordable by mostly everyone. If not too many people can afford gold or diamond jewelry, costume jewelry can be afforded and worn by everyone.


Fashion jewelry can be gifted on various occasions, be it on birthdays or anniversaries. While they look great on yourself, they need to be cleaned regularly. Simple chain and locket need not be cleaned, but items such as earrings and rings need to be wiped regularly to keep their luster and sheen intact. Over time, these items have a tendency of attracting dirt in the intricate carvings.

They come in various metals like silver, copper and other synthetic metals. So, special care is required for cleaning them, so that the metals and the stone settings may not be damaged. While at home, wipe them off gently with a soft cloth and avoid the buildup of moisture in the jewelry, as moisture can discolor the stones as well as the metals. If they are kept in a box, take out the box and wipe them off regularly to avoid damage to the jewelry.

Employing ultrasonic cleaning technology

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is the latest technique used in jewelry cleaning. High frequency waves are created by the machine in a liquid. The jewelry is placed on a liquid bowl for taking out dirt from the jewelry. The bubbles produced by the waves assist in taking out the dirt.

Sonic cleaning is another new technology used for jewelry cleaning. Sounds at a particular decibel dislodge the dirt particles of the jewelry that are embedded in them over a period of time. Human brains cannot register this sound. Though this technology is not new, it has been upgraded to use it for cleaning jewelry. The sound produced by the machine causes vibration, which in turn take out the dust particles from the jewelry.  Though they may not fully clean the jewelry items, it helps to a large extent. It may be a bit more expensive mode of cleaning, but the results are much better than in ordinary cleaning.

Besides this, the jewelry may get a strong smell over a period of time. You can remove the smell with the help of a toothbrush. Tweak the bristles of the brush with your thumb before using it. Out toothpaste over it and brush it along the jewelry piece, to reach every part of it. Then wash off the jewelry with running water. Blot the water off with a soft towel and let it dry under natural air. If required, do this after each use to avoid having the smell.

Various other methods can be applied to remove the smell of the jewelry. Instead of washing off the toothpaste with running water, it can be washed off with a watered toothbrush for taking off the remains of toothpaste. Paper towels can be sued for drying them. Another method is to soak it in a vinegar filled bowl.

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