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Published on February 7th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


Is Your Cell Phone Really Putting Your Health At Risk?

Since mobile phone use has become more popular than ever, more headlines have been released over the last few years that claim the use of mobile phones can be detrimental to human health. If you love using your mobile phone no matter where you go, this news may come as a shock and may be quite upsetting. However, just taking the right precautions and being aware of the health risks involved with regular mobile phone use can help you get in control of the situation to make better decisions to protect your health.

How Do Mobile Phones Adversely Affect Health?

The most frightening claim against mobile phones states that the use of a mobile phone can lead to cancer. While this claim is still being studied and is considered highly controversial, the basis for it comes from the fact that mobile phones emit a type of radiation in the form of radiofrequency energy, also known as radio waves. Whenever you use your mobile phone, your body is exposed to this type of radiation, which can lead to mutations on the cellular level and later to the formation of tumours and cancers.

The part of the body that is most at risk is the brain, as mobile phones are held for long periods of time at the ear during conversations. As people use their mobile phones more and more every day for general phone calls that can become quite lengthy, health officials have grown concerned that brain cancer risk might increase as a result.

What Every Mobile Phone User Can Do

Some health organizations claim that there is, indeed, an increased risk of cancer with regular mobile phone use, while others claim the scientific evidence against mobile phones is not strong enough to support these fears. So what should you do if you love talking on your mobile phone but want to keep your health intact?

Purchase a special mobile phone case that will not only protect your phone from being scratched or damaged if you drop it but will also protect your brain from the phone’s potentially harmful radiation waves. Companies have developed mobile phone cases that actually redirect the radiation away from a user’s head, redistributing the harmful rays into a direction that will not cause any harm to the individual talking on the phone.

  • The highest level of radiation from a mobile phone is emitted while the phone is ringing after you have dialled the number, so keep the phone away from your head until the person you are calling picks up.
  • Never sleep with a mobile phone near you, such as under your pillow.
  • Use hands-free devices and speakerphone whenever possible, and keep the actual mobile phone as far away from your body as possible during a call.
  • Use a regular landline phone instead of a mobile phone for long calls.

Do not wear your mobile phone close to your body. Women should carry their phones in their purses, not on their bodies.

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While there may be conflicting evidence about the safety of mobile phone use, Lisa likes to play it safe by taking the necessary precautions. She also likes to get the best deals on her mobile phones, so she checks to find phones like the LG Cookie KP501 Pink at the best price.

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