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Published on February 13th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


When to Choose a Windows Phone – The HTC Windows 8X vs. The Samsung Galaxy Mini 2

It’s not often that a Windows based operating system phone gets recommended over an Android phone, and there’s pretty good reason for that. The Windows operating system is notoriously clunky and hard to use, whereas Android is simple and sleek. For this reason, most manufacturers put their money into producing high quality Android handsets, and don’t bother too much with Windows devices. However, the new Windows 8 system really isn’t that bad, and it’s a huge step up from its predecessor, which is why some companies, such as HTC, have started putting their energies towards making good quality Windows handsets. The HTC Windows 8X is a pretty fancy phone, but we wanted to know if it could hold its own against an Android. So we put the 8X head to head up against the Samsung Galaxy Mini 2, to see what would happen. And surprisingly, we found that the Windows device was actually the winner in this competition. Read on to find our exactly why…

Why You Should Choose the HTC Windows 8X…

First up, the 8X is fast. It runs a 1500 MHz processor as compared to the mere 800 MHz processor on the Samsung, making it snappier and more powerful. Plus, it has double the RAM, meaning it’s better able to multi-task and run multiple processes simultaneously, and it’s simply more responsive. The screen is also better, and bigger, being 4.3 inches versus the 3.3 inches on the Galaxy. Plus it’s has a massive six times higher screen resolution, and ninety per cent more PPI (pixels per inch). This obviously and noticeably makes the display brighter, clearer and more colourful than that of the Samsung. The camera is clearly superior, being an 8 MP cam rather than the 3 MP cam on the Galaxy, meaning you get better picture quality and photos with more fine detail. And it shoots full HD video too. Finally, you get an awful lot more storage on the 8X, which comes with 16 GB of internal memory rather than the 4 GB that come on the Samsung. For you that means four time more music, photos and games on your device. An excellent package.

Reasons to Consider the Samsung Galaxy Mini 2…

There are only a couple of advantage that the Galaxy has. The first is that it’s an Android phone, so you’re automatically connected to the Android App Market, making downloading and installing new programmes and games both easy and convenient. Secondly, it does have better Bluetooth support, running Bluetooth 3.0 rather than the 2.1 that’s on the 8X. If you use a lot of Bluetooth devices (such as hands free), this could be important to you as the newer software supports faster data transfer and means that Bluetooth devices suck less energy from your phone’s battery. That’s pretty much all that the Galaxy can do though.

It’s Time For Windows…

In this particular comparison, the HTC Windows 8X definitely won out. It’s more powerful and the screen quality is far higher than that of the Samsung. Plus, you get all that extra storage space and a better camera. Totally worth it. So don’t discount Windows phones, they may still have something to offer…

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