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Published on March 20th, 2013 | by Charlie CJ


Which Communication Device is Best – Two Way Radio or Cell Phone?

Cellphone v Two way radioAt face value it may not seem like much of a contest; 2-way radios (a.k.a. walkie talkies) are a largely out-dated technology that are used only by businesses and bouncers while cell phones are pretty much the greatest thing since sliced bread, packed full of the latest technology to make your life even easier.

The problem with the perception of two way radios is that they are often pitted unfairly against cell phones. Let’s be clear from the off – these two types of devices are not designed to be put up against each other. Instead, each one has its best used for different situations and needs, meaning you need to assess what you need to get the job done.

Firstly, at their very core are two different types of communication. Cell phones excel in every day communication and multi-use functionality; that is if it isn’t imperative you communicate instantaneously or you want to take advantage of numerous different ways to get in touch. Text, instant message, email or Facebook chat are just some of your options.

Two way radios may be one trick ponies, but they do that trick remarkably well. If it’s instant communication you are after at the touch of a button, then they are the communication device for you. Radios give you the advantage of communicating across an open radio channel so you can speak to numerous people at once pretty much straight away.

If you’re on a building site or in a warehouse where an important piece of information, say an impending hazard, then radios are much better than mobiles.

Of course that is tempered by the fact that radios are limited by distance while mobile phones can make calls right across the world, but equally radios are better in zones where mobile phone signal may not be available, like remote parts of the country.

The two technologies differ in other ways too. Battery life on a two way radio is hugely better than a mobile because it has only one principle feature, while mobiles struggle in that department but have to run plenty of different functions and tasks at the same time.

Another key difference is of course the cost of both devices. Cell phones are hugely expensive these days, costing upwards of £500 in some cases along with a monthly price, but the very best ones can pull off more tricks than you can shake a stick at. Radios meanwhile will not cost you a penny beyond the initial fee, so once you have taken them out the shop; your wallet can stay firmly in your pocket. You can search online too at sites like Two Way Radios to find the most suitable model for your needs.

While these two devices are basically similar in the fact they allow you to communicate with others, in reality they couldn’t be any more different.

Cell phones excel at pulling off a host of different tricks and giving you everything you need in one device, while two way radios are like formula one cars; specialised so that they excel at what they are good at, but not much use elsewhere. At the end of the day, it’s not so much what’s the difference between the two, but what are the similarities.

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