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Published on February 18th, 2013 | by Anthonys


Computers Making Life Easier – These Software Were Made Just For You

Whoever invented computers did humanity a huge favor. In the early stages of this great invention, people only used computers for basic functions such as calculation and recording data. Today, the function of these devices has diversified to unimaginable proportions. According to some experts, 90% of the lives of Americans revolve around computers. These gadgets have permeated every level of society and come in various forms, types, designs and sizes.

Many computer softwarecontinue to make people’s lives easier when using computers at home, school or at work. Some of thissoftwareinclude:

  1. Effective virus scanners

To be on the safe side, the first thing you need to install in your computer is a reliable anti-virus. This software safeguards your computer from unwanted programs that may harm your computer and affect its function. When your computer is not functioning at its optimal capacity, then you will take longer to complete simple tasks such as your homework, work assignment or personal project. This will not only inconvenience you, but will also make you consume more power. In this tough economy, people are looking for efficient management systems and one of them is to use an anti-virus in computers.

An anti-virus will also protect your computer against crushing, and thus avoid the cost of buying a new one. If you are using highly sensitive computers that involve the use of Internet, you need a strong virus scanner that will offer protection against thousands of viruses from the Internet or individuals who are trying to hack your system. If you are just a regular person, you can opt to use many of the free anti-viruses available online. You simply need to access the Internet using your computer and start downloading. A fine example of free anti-virus is Avast.

  1. Music player software

For many individuals today, music is food to the soul. However, people do not have enough time to listen to music n their stereos hence; they do it on their personal computer devices. However, you need excellent music player software that will be able to play your music in many formats and will allow you to personalize your collection. The music player should be able to play music in high quality audio. The best players even include a feature that allows you to download music from the Internet and store it in your gallery. An excellent example is iTunes.

  1. Personal browsers

This type of software allows you to surf the Internet with ease. It acts as a host for search engines and other Internet components that you would otherwise go to great trouble to access. If you are a heavy browser, then you need a powerful browser that will handle your needs. The best browser will have an inbuilt security system such that your computer will be safe incase you visit a malware by mistake. The browser should also have many add-ons that will ensure you have fulfilling surfing experience. An example of such a website is Mozilla Firefox.

  1. Universal multimedia players

Most times when you try to play videos on your computer, the issue of playing many video formats comes up. Not all videos can play on the normal video player that comes with your computer. This can be very disappointing, especially when you have prepared yourself to watch a certain music video or movie you have been waiting for. The best solution to this problem is to get a universal multimedia player. The best and most popular example is the VLC player. It can play practically any format and allows you to take screen shots while the video is playing.

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