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Published on February 7th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


Looks Can Be Deceiving – The Motorola Motosmart Vs. The HTC Droid DNA

Choosing a cell phone is a complicated business, there are so many devices on the market nowadays that making a decision between them can be difficult. And sometimes it can be tempting to make a decision based on looks alone. After all, we all want a phone that looks cool, modern and makes an impression on people. However, this isn’t always a great way to make what is an expensive decision. Motorola used to have a great reputation for mobile devices, but since the days of the flip phone they haven’t really done an awful lot to write home about. Which is why the Motorola Motosmart is such a surprise. It’s an elegant and sleek looking device that doesn’t look at all out of place on the shelf next to the Samsung Galaxy series or Apple’s iPhone. HTC on the other hand have done an awful lot of good work in recent years, producing some fantastic mobile devices. Their new Droid DNA is certainly a powerhouse of a phone, but when it’s placed next to the Motosmart it doesn’t end up making quite the same impression. This is why we decided to pit these two phones head to head against each other to see how they compared and what we found out is that looks are indeed deceiving.

Why the HTC Droid DNA is the Phone For You…

Where to start? Well, first off, the Droid is simply more powerful. It has four times more RAM than the Motosmart (2 MB versus 0.5 MB), meaning it’s more responsive and better able to handle multi-tasking. It also has massive amounts of internal storage (16 GB, the Motosmart comes with only 168 MB, a pathetic comparison), so you can store way more data, photos and applications on the Droid. The screen is larger (five inches versus three and a half inches), so you can read your emails better. Plus the screen has a huge thirteen times higher resolution and around two and a half times more PPI (pixels per inch). This results in a display that’s far clearer, better defined and brighter than the screen on the Motosmart. The in-built camera is also far better, being 8 MP compared to only 3 MP on the Motorola. This means better quality and more detailed pictures.

Why the Motorola Motosmart is Not the Phone For You…

In truth, there’s really no comparison. The Motosmart does nothing better than the Droid, though it does look nice. It also comes in slightly smaller (only by around ten per cent), and lighter (by around twenty per cent) than the Droid. But that’s hardly surprising considering the huge difference in screen size.

And the Winner Is…

Obviously, the Droid is just a far, far better device. The Motorola Motorsmart doesn’t even begin to compare. Sure, it looks cool, in fact it looks fantastic, but looks aren’t everything. Don’t be lured into the trap of making a phone decision based on looks alone. If we hadn’t looked at the specs of these two phones, we’d probably have gone with the Motosmart and it would definitely have been a decision that we’d have regretted. The HTC Droid DNA is really the way to go.

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