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Published on February 16th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


Disadvantages to Mobile Marketing

Mobile is the at the forefront of new marketing techniques, and it’s smart for businesses to consider diving in now. There are lots of advantages to mobile marketing. For example, it’s relatively inexpensive, and it provides greater opportunity to reach customers at the point of purchase. You can conduct extensive market research, create apps, create direct and indirect points of 121 loyalty and communication and make your services available everywhere and anywhere.  As with all forms of marketing, however, there are some disadvantages to mobile. Keep these challenges in mind.

Lack of Experience

Mobile marketing is very new, and so far there isn’t a lot of long-term data or research on it. Marketers are experimenting with mobile, and most people have little to no experience with mobile marketing. Mobile devices are rapidly developing and changing, which means there isn’t a strong foundation to stand on. Your mobile campaign is likely to need a lot of adjustment over time.

Small Size of Devices

One thing that’s unique about mobile marketing is the size of the consumer viewing window. When you create graphics, websites, apps, and any visual elements, you have to keep in mind that most people will be looking at them on the very small screen of a smartphone. Mobile devices vary in size and shape, and you need to take that into consideration when designing for mobile. Anything you create needs to look good on a small screen and be easy for users to navigate.

Development Requirements

A mobile marketing campaign can be challenging, time-consuming, and extremely expensive, depending on your plans. If you want to develop an app that’s valuable to your customers, you’re likely going to need to hire a developer. Developing an app can eat up a lot of your resources, and it can take months or years to complete.

Privacy Concerns

Many people use their smartphones for a wide variety of tasks, and their phones contain a lot of personal data. Because smartphones are small and personal, users are even more invested in maintaining privacy. Text messaging campaigns and push notifications are effective ways of reaching people on their mobile devices; if the messages and notifications are unsolicited or too frequent, for example, they will turn off rather than attract consumers.

The good news is that none of these downsides are insurmountable. In fact none of them

Sam Jones, the author, thinks that mobiles have revolutionised the marketing world and will shape marketing for decades to come.

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