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Published on March 20th, 2013 | by thappe


The Domain Buying Process

When a new webmaster comes along, many times it’s a first time experience. Perhaps that person’s goal is to build a website to monetize high paying keywords or perhaps it is to bring an existing offline business to the web. It doesn’t take long for the inexperienced person to discover that the ideal domain name is not easy to find. Exact match domains are difficult to come by and the available ones are quite pricy. At that point, the webmaster must seek a suitable domain name to fit the business type by performing a search that includes relevant keywords, a variety of domain extensions and, perhaps, a brand word.

Exact Match Domains

The shorter the domain, the more expensive it will be and, ideally, you want your domain to consist of fewer than 4 words. Some great domain names have been known to sell for millions of dollars. If an existing company has the funds to justify such a purchase, that’s one thing. Most new businesses do not and their goal is to find the most affordable domain name.

Partial Match Domains

Partial match domains contain keywords describing the website’s niche plus an additional word. That additional word might consist of a brand name or reflect the business’ location. If the business only serves a specific area, it makes sense to use local words which could be the state name, city name, town name or area nickname. Doing so will also help the website to rank in search results for that particular area.

Brand keywords might consist of a name, perhaps the offline business’ present name, or a creative word. The thing to remember about selecting a word for a brand name is that it should be easy to remember and spell. If it’s so creative that people won’t remember it, it will be mistyped into the web address tool bar and visitors could end up somewhere else.

Search Process

Everyone begins their searches looking for a domain with a .com extension. Before you give up on the .com, you should plug in a variety of different keywords which include the keywords you want and synonyms of those keywords. If your brand name is unique enough, you might get lucky and find the .com version available, but if you don’t, you should repeat the search the same way and look for results with other domain extensions such as .net, .info, .biz, .org and .co. Don’t resort to domains with numerals or hyphens unless you have no other choice. When you do your search, you will be able to sort by price. If nothing comes up in your price range, you might find that raising it a little bit will produce results.

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