HTC HTC One X Is A Powerhouse

Published on February 17th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


When It Comes To Entertainment, The HTC One X Is A Powerhouse

Many modestly priced mobile phones come with lots of strings attached. Perhaps there is no real video playback system included, or maybe you are left desiring more when it comes to audio or accessible applications. One mobile phone leading the charge against such conceptions is the HTC One X, which manages to pack a whole lot of entertainment into a very affordable mobile unit. If you are a budget conscious consumer that is considering a new mobile phone that can perform and entertain, then allow me to walk you through the main entertainment features that this HTC model offers.

Video Made Beautiful

One of the first elements which you will appreciate with the HTC One X is the excellent, large 12 centimetre screen, made of Gorilla Glass and sturdy beyond comparison. Included with the phone are two video viewing options; Play Movies allows you to view any recorded material you have created using the camera function as well as purchased content, while HTC Watch also can be used to gain access to a variety of unique programming. With its jumbo-sized screen, watching movies on this phone is absolutely gorgeous and really makes you appreciate the engineering that went into its design.

Tantalizing Audio

For those who love to enjoy music on the go, the HTC One X will be a delight. This affordable mobile phone features Beats Audio, a premium solution to sound that amplifies the quality of music both through the 3.5mm headphone jack. The Music App that is featured with the One X gives users access to music identification, unlimited radio, subscription music plans and even lyrics. The Music App is designed intuitively, allowing you to flip back and forth between all of your music and various apps without it being a frustrating process – something that is especially appreciated when listening to music. For the best performance of in-ear audio, pair this phone with a set of Beats Audio earphones.

Speakers? How About Boombox?

The external sound quality of the HTC One X is phenomenal for a phone in its price range, and truly shows that this mobile phone manufacturer has sourced everything just right in building this unit. While you should not expect premium level external sound quality with this phone – or just about any phone, for that matter – it still manages to perform very strongly. The sound can become a bit grainy when turned up to maximum volume, so those who like to broadcast their music will need to confine the party to the immediate vicinity.


While the HTC One X is not the premium solution for those with unlimited amounts of money to spend, it can be a great selection for those who do not want to commit to extended contracts or just want a modern phone that performs everything relatively well. When it comes to entertainment, however, I have yet to see a comparably-priced phone best this model when considering its installed features and potential customization. I can definitely recommend this phone to just about anyone who is looking for a reasonably priced mobile phone that has superbly well-rounded entertainment features.

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