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Published on February 2nd, 2013 | by Anthonys


Faster-than-dialup Internet Access Options in Rural South Dakota

At one time if you wanted beautiful country views, and the clean living lifestyle of the country, you had to give up on modern amenities like Internet. Well, that may not be entirely true, in some rural areas you did have dialup Internet. But in truth, with the media needs of today’s Internet, dialup wasn’t much better than having no Internet at all – all it allows you to do is check email.

New technologies, hardware and satellite systems have changed all of that. You no longer have to live without Internet, even if you live on the highest point of the most desolate mountain, or under the soft bows of the forest trees. High-speed Internet options are available; you just have to learn about the one that works best in your rural environment.

Satellite Broadband

That’s right! Just like you have satellite TV available you can also have satellite Internet, providing you have a clear view of the Internet satellite, meaning your house isn’t completely blocked by trees. Even when it is, most technicians can find a clear spot to place the satellite dish.

Satellite can offer high speed Internet options for just about any rural location. Still, it should only be your last option, as it is not as fast as other options and can often be more expensive than other Internet solutions. Additionally, getting a service technician to work on the system can take some time.



Wireless Hotspots

You may not know it but smart business people have started creating wireless hotspots in different South Dakota rural regions. According to, Internet hot spots can be your best option as these offer affordability and fast access to the World Wide Web. They give you all the benefits of high-speed Internet connectivity you get in urban areas, allowing you to create wireless networks, watch movies, download media, music and stream video.

What is a Wireless Hotspot?

In certain areas there are businesses that have high-speed servers and remote antenna networks. These antennas offer a long-distance range of many miles, allowing the business to transmit their Internet signal to other locations within the area. For instance, if there is a wireless hotspot business in town offering Internet and you are located 30 miles from that town, you may still get Internet from this business, if they install the right transmitting antenna on your property.



The Right Choice

Your ability to get Internet service from a hotspot business depends on your location, the transmittal range for the hotspot, and the equipment they recommend for your home. However, if the service is available to you, often this gives you a less expensive Internet service and allows you to access the Internet from several computers at once, a feature that is often not available from satellite Internet.

Bottom Line

The point is, wherever you live in the state of South Dakota, you can get high-speed Internet. It’s just a matter of contacting a provider like to find the best option.

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