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Published on January 12th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


Five Father Friendly Apps for Fathers Day

Are you stuck for ideas as to what to get Dad for Father’s Day? Are the children searching for unique presents to surprise Dad on his big day? Rather than settle for yet another tie or a pair of socks, surprising Dad with an app just might make his day. Whether you choose a web application or a downloadable app for his smart phone, there are a number of fun apps that are sure to add a smile to Dad’s face on Father’s Day.

I Love Dad

The I Love Dad app is an excellent option to consider if you have younger children in the family. Available for either Dad’s iPhone or iPad, this app allows children to leave messages of any sort on Dad’s digital devices. From a sentimental Happy Father’s Day message to a silly riddle or rhyme, this free app allows children to remind their fathers how much they are loved. Available from M-Square Apps via iTunes, this family friendly app features adorable graphics children will enjoy using and Dads will enjoy seeing on their favorite digital device.


The iDad app from Inner Four is another fun pick to consider for Father’s Day. Filled with all sorts of expressions that fathers have used for generations, this app is sure to create plenty of chuckles for the entire family. Available for iPads, iPods, and iPhones, this free app is one that dear old Dad will likely refer to throughout the year.


The Dadisms app is similar to the iDad app. This free app from Michael Quach on iTunes is available for iPads, iPhones, and iPods and features famous fatherly expressions like “as long as you live under my roof.” Dad is sure to smile as he realizes just how many of these expressions he uses in his everyday life as a parent.

Fishing with my Dad

The Fishing with my Dad app from Mammoth Interactive via iTunes is an excellent choice to encourage parent and child bonding. Available for 99 cents, this app allows dads and their children to cast a line for virtual fish that can then be exchanged for virtual coins. Dad is sure to enjoy playing with this app even when his children are not with him.

The Dad App

Available on iTunes from Mulholland Mobile, the 99-cent Dad app allows busy fathers to manage all of their many parenting duties with ease. From picking up the children after a play date to shopping for groceries after school, this handy app allows fathers to manage their multiple roles as time-challenged parents.

These are just five of the many apps fathers and children can enjoy together. From sports related applications to virtual games, the opportunities for dads and their children to bond together over tech-friendly apps are many. By allowing fathers to spend time with their children and create happy memories together, apps are a modern day way of encouraging family bonding. You cannot ask for a better Father’s Day gift than a memory-maker.

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Every year, Lorna spends ages trying to figure out what to buy her dad for Father’s Day. Thankfully this year was not a problem because he had just bought himself a new iPhone from 3 mobile, so all she had to do was recommend a few cool apps and her dad was very happy.

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