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Published on February 4th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


What To Do If You Forget Your Phone’s PIN

Not everyone makes use of the PIN feature on their mobile phone but it is a good idea.  The PIN prevents anyone else from using the phone and helps to keep it safer.  However, from time to time everyone has a memory lapse and this could result in the PIN number being forgotten.  What this means is that the phone could end up blocked by the provider if you are putting in the wrong number.

You Only Have 3 Chances

The first thing to do is not punch in random numbers in the hope of hitting the right combination eventually.  This is because you only get a few tries (usually 3) before the provider will sense that there is a problem and lock the phone.  So if you forget the number, take a little while to consider it first before you put any numbers in.  If you know you have set the number yourself rather than using a default PIN then think carefully about family birthdays and other special dates you may have used to decide what your PIN should be.  Check the original paperwork if you still have it for any PIN details.

If Your Phone Locks Up

Once the phone is blocked you will need to speak to your service provider who will give you the PUK code for your SIM card.  PUK means personal unblocking key and it is needed for a variety of functions, for example if you want to move your number to another provider.  The PUK code will enable the user to unlock the SIM card so that the handset’s PIN can be reset.  The SIM can also be locked by the provider if you have reported your phone stolen or lost and then the PUK will be needed.

You can only do this through your provider.   You will be allowed a number of attempts then to enter the PUK code.  If you fail to enter it correctly then it will block the SIM even further and you will normally require a whole new SIM card.  For this reason you need to be careful when entering the number as you could find yourself without mobile services for several days while you wait for the new SIM to arrive and there may be a charge for the replacement.

Further information on PIN numbers and PUK codes can be obtained from your mobile provider’s website and this should also explain clearly what the individual procedure is.  You should expect to be asked several security questions as the company will not just release the information needed.

Talk to Your Network

If you are in any doubt you should speak to your provider for more advice before you attempt anything yourself.  Forgetting your PIN is very easy to do, particularly if you have a tendency to use different PINs and passwords for everything.

Getting it sorted is not difficult though.  In some cases you can obtain the PIN by logging in to their website and providing a few basic details, so check this option first as you could save time not waiting for your call to be answered.

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