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Published on January 30th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


French Door Refrigerators & A Novel Concept

The French door is one of the latest innovations in the designs of refrigerators, which has become quite popular as well. A French door refrigerator is quite like the traditional refrigerator, the only difference is it has the freezer section at the bottom and the side-by-side doors are on the top.  The freezer either has a pull-out drawer or a swinging door. One of the chief reasons why French door refrigerators are becoming exceptionally popular is that they provide more storage space and more features than their traditional versions. Since the freezer which is lesser used is located at the bottom of the fridge, one doesn’t have to stoop or bend to access food stored in it.

Occupies less space

French door refrigerators take up less space in the kitchen, which subsequently makes more room for other kitchen appliances. This is all possible since the double side-by-side doors on these refrigerators are narrower in comparison to the single door traditional variants. The swing of the doors in these refrigerators cover less area so you get more options on where you can place them in the kitchen in comparison to conventional models.

More storage

Since the side-by-side doors in a French door refrigerator open up to a common storage area, there is more room for storing large food items like pizzas, turkey and cakes. On the other hand doing the same in a refrigerator that has one door opening to the freezer section and the other to the refrigerator shelves can on the other hand be a daunting task. Since both doors provide additional storage space with racks attached to them, it is certainly an advantage over the traditional refrigerators which have only one storage rack available on the door. The freezer in a French door refrigerator is located at the bottom and makes it very practical. The design of a French door refrigerator is space saving and handy than a traditional refrigerator.

Modern design and looks

The stylish and modern design of French door refrigerator is what appeals the most. Many home improvement shows are regularly featuring the French door refrigerators on their programs because of the novel concept the design offers. It is good advertisement for the product as people who value aesthetics and practicality are becoming aware of the new product they can use in their kitchens. The designs are contemporary yet functional.

Additional advantages

Many French door refrigerators come with additional advantages like automatic closing doors, ice and water dispersers attached to the doors, and pull out freezer drawers which make using the refrigerator comfortable and hassle-free.

While it is undeniable that French door refrigerators are expensive when compared to conventional models, the fact remains that a refrigerator will stay in the kitchen for years to come. Investing money in it can’t be a bad decision. Besides, there are plenty of models available in the market which cost just a little more than the up market traditional refrigerators. The neat design makes the refrigerator a beautiful accessory that enhances the look of the kitchen. The revolutionary concept behind the refrigerator adds practicality to it. French door refrigerators are available in different brands in a variety of colours and sizes.

Tim Johnson is head buyer for an electronics retail chain in Brisbane. He spends most of his hours testing new gadgets and home equipment before deciding which ones to carry in the stores. He currently enjoys testing the latest french door fridge.

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