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Published on March 29th, 2013 | by David_J


Gadgets Cars of the Future Have in Store For Us

Vehicle technology has gone leaps and bounds in the recent years. From the automobile’s humble beginnings of steam-powered transportation designs in the late 1670s to its current contemporary versions employing state of the art technology, we can only expect that the cars of the future would have even more insane gadgets that will make us go oohing and aahing.


As it is, car companies and other third-party developers have been hard at work to provide the next big thing in automobile technology. You can check out online from vehicle resources such as just how much modern vehicles are proof to this – not just in the manufacturing aspect of vehicles, but in creating other tech to create smoother, passenger-friendly rides. Here are some of the more impressive gadgets we’re most looking forward to in the “cars of the future”:


New Materials

The cars of the future will be made from stronger and tougher materials. As today’s vehicles are mostly made of steel, a change into more durable materials will make sturdier and somewhat safer cars. As an added bonus, future car materials will also most likely be lighter. Imagine your entire car built as light as can be – that’ll save you a lot on gas…or whatever we’d be using to power our vehicles then.


Full Autonomy


This has long been one of the most anticipated features in a vehicle. It has been projected that the cars of the future would soon have no need for a driver; just pop in and let the car itself take you to where you want to go. Although prototypes of this technology already exist, driverless cars are not expected to be commercially available until around 2020.


Dashboard Computers


Another of the more exciting future tech we’ve seen a lot of in sci-fi films, the premise of having your windshield sporting HUDs and performing various computer display tasks whilst functioning as a dashboard might be sooner than we think. Already we’ve got smartphones performing augmented reality tasks – we’re not that far from having our dashboards displaying information on the stuff we see outside our car windows and all that high-tech stuff.


Flying Cars


Ah yes, the crème dela crème of future car tech. We’ve all wondered when we’d cross into that threshold of cars being able to fly since we saw an episode of the Jetsons. Well it look slike there’s a good chance of that coming true as well, as studies have been developed for cars that could function traditionally with wheels and such, as well as a high-speed floating vehicle on specially constructed magnetic levitation speedways.

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