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Published on February 6th, 2013 | by toptech


Gadgets For The Tech-Savvy Traveller

Travelling is the kind of activity which almost everyone loves. For some, it is an opportunity to relax and stay aloof from everyday busy life. For others, it is more of an educational getaway where they get to observe other cultures. Whenever people go on a holiday, they are sure to get a lot of memories that they want to remember forever. By the use of some gadgets they can make their trip more memorable and hassle-free.

Capture your memories like a professional

Your camera is probably the most important gadget that you need to carry, when going on a vacation. In an era where smart phones have replaced ordinary digital cameras, it has become difficult to favour your beloved digi-cams over these high end devices. There is an option though; you could rent a professional camera which serves the purpose of clicking high quality photographs. This camera rental service is available in many tourist-friendly countries. They provide you with cameras of high quality that are shock-proof and water-proof.

Reading on the go

If you’re one of those travellers that like to read a book while enjoying the peace of your vacation then you don’t need to pack piles of books. E-readers are an increasingly popular gadget that avid readers use to catch on with the summer’s must reads, even while travelling. E-readers provide you with the benefit of carrying hundreds of books without taking up too much space, like carrying an entire library in your back pocket. E-readers also come with GPS enabled software which will eliminates the need for carrying a dedicated GPS device or the use of paper maps.

Use the smartness of your smartphone

Your smart phone is an important gadget that can help you in almost every aspect of your travels. A variety of applications available in the market today can be really useful when you’re on the move. These apps provide a lot of information about the place, culture, lifestyle, cuisines, the night life and also places that are a must visit. Many of these apps provide reviews of the place which can help you choose and decide the best option.

Some important apps for you smart phone

World Customs:

People often give us plenty of tips and guidance about local cultures and etiquette when we travel to different countries. How to greet people or ask for assistance kindly are some of phrases we are taught about by our friends. This app provides the same, and perhaps even more. Pick your country and you’ll be presented with a load of helpful information on the destination – from law and order to religious etiquette and taboos; great for sorting out your do’s from your don’ts. The app is a really helpful tool to save you from your “oops” moment!

Google Goggles:

Google Goggles may just be the biggest game-changer of all. It’s still in it development mode, but the image recognition software is looking a pretty awesome and versatile tool. Here’s how it works: you’re strolling around a city, or a museum or gallery, you take a picture of something and you want to know more about it. If Google recognises the subject of the image it will bring up search results. You can now cue instant expertise with this handy tool which makes you appear knowledgeable about everything. It is quite a tool to impress locals about how much you know about the place and perhaps win a round of drinks!

The tech-savvy traveller can take advantage ofsuch tools easily available at his disposal. You can make your travels smarter and much more enjoyable with these gadgets to aid you in your vacations.

Jonah Allen is a gypsy at heart. He is passionate about only two things in life, one is traveling and another is technology. He has already spend an obscene amount of money on gadgets that he finds cool. He writes article on behalf of VMI Camera Rental. You can read more about the company by visiting their website.

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