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Published on March 20th, 2013 | by Kevin


Great technologies that are due to come out for touch screen devices.

Constantly technology companies are coming out with new devices and new operating systems almost every day, but are they really significant if they are being released this fast? This post will be looking at what we actually have to look forward to and not just OS REV 4.2.1 instead of OS REV 4.2.0. I am talking about leaps forward just like when the first android phone came out or when windows launched the surface. Read on to discover what 2013 holds for the tablet market.

The first that will revolutionise 2013 is Samsung’s bendable phones. These will be made by making chipsets smaller, and containing them in a small, well protected hard plastic casing. In a complete opposite fashion, the screens will be made out of a flexible plastic and will no longer be made of glass. This means that the new devices will become practically indestructible, because if you sit on them for example you won’t break them. Although this is only a small thing, it will also probably reduce the price of mobile phone insurance.

Another interesting thing we have to look forward to in this coming year is a new technology that allows real physical buttons to appear onto the surface of touchscreen devices such as tablets. The technology is currently being developed by a small company called “Tactus” in Freemont California. The system will work in everyday touchscreen devices, the hard glass screen will be replaced with a slightly flexible one and the buttons will rise directly from the chipset making small dimples in the screen where the buttons should be. A guest post on claims that this may very well revolutionise the people’s ability to work on the move, as they will no longer have to take with them a bulky laptop, but instead can work just as fast on their tablet device.

Another interesting feature to come out in 2013 is the waterproof phone. Currently there are companies that will coat your smartphone in a nano coating in just a couple of hours and although it will deteriorate with time, it can often have to save you from having to buy a new phone in the case you were to drop  it into a liquid. Think about the money this could save you! Apart from this, Sony claims that this year, they will be releasing a new Xperia model that is completely waterproof for life, and you will not have to reapply the nano coating if you were to get the device wet.

This post was written by Kevin Donovan from On his own blog he often likes to compare what the big companies on the technological stage have to offer consumers, in an attempt to make sure that you are well informed before you make any purchases.

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