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Published on February 6th, 2013 | by toptech


When Hardware DDoS Protection Fails – Keeping Track Of The Same

In computing terms, a denial of service attack or a distributed denial of service attack makes a particular server, website or even a network resource completely unavailable to all its users. These kind of attacks unfortunately have also become rather commonplace in the recent past and have brought down many a website. DDoS protection services therefore need to be an essential addition to any organization’s cyber armor. Normally, the websites of banks or financial institutions and even credit card payment gateways are considered to be particularly vulnerable to such DDoS attacks.

These DDoS attacks form in many ways such as ICMP floods, peer to peer attacks and SYN floods to name a few. Countering or deflecting such DDoS attacks is possible through the use of both hardware and software. Whether it is the use of firewalls, effective monitoring tools, application front-end hardware and even IPS-or intrusion prevention based protection systems – they all have their role to play in performing DDoS protection services. Normally when one talks about hardware-based DDoS protection services, it will entail the deployment of equipment such as application front-end hardware, routers, switches and so on.

Hardware based DDoS protection:

Sometimes opting for an only hardware-based DDoS protection, may not always have its desired results. Most companies do go in for such an option keeping affordability in mind. Hardware-based  DDoS protection does cost a lot but you should not fall prey to a company trying to sell you a whole range of protection hardware that you probably do not need. It would therefore be recommended to go with a company that has been known to recommend and help implement only the kind of hardware that is necessary for your website to be effectively protected against DDoS attacks. Reliability of hardware DDoS protection also needs to be looked into.

Some of the industry’s leading service providers as far as DDoS prevention is concerned, have been able to come up with solutions only for specific types of attacks. For instance there may be a particular piece of hardware that works the best for SYN flood attacks but may not have the same kind of efficacy or result for other types of attacks. This point of failure as far as hardware protection goes can be addressed by having detailed discussions with the service provider to ascertain the ability of the hardware protection device.

Implementing and using the best of DDoS hardware is of no use at all if the organization does not deploy adequately trained and skilled manpower to maintain this equipment. It is only a combination of the skilled manpower and the best in class hardware that will help an organization deflect and deal with DDoS attacks. Even the use of hardware firewalls from leading companies cannot be relied upon to the exclusion of other protection services. For instance a hardware-based firewall cannot conduct intelligent detection outside of the scope of their defined policy parameters. Some hardware-based DDoS protection equipment like a few routers can also get overwhelmed if the level of DDoS attacks is very high.

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