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Published on January 12th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


Five Things That Hold Companies Back From Embracing Mobility

In countries like Finland and Japan, Smartphones are used for everything from banking to organizing social get togethers. In the United States, Smartphone technology is just beginning to make up ground on available technology in other parts of the world. However, even as technology catches up, many companies hold back from embracing mobility in their operations. In many cases, a lack of understanding motivates their reluctance. In other cases, fear is the driving factor. Technological shortfalls are also still a factor in preventing many companies from embracing mobility.

Poor Battery Life

Poor battery life associated with many mobile devices is a major factor that holds many companies back embracing mobile technology. In a survey conducted by market research company TNS, battery life was named by 76 percent of respondents as the most important feature associated with mobile technology, CIO reports. Especially with companies that deal with mission critical operations or crucial data, unreliable battery duration represents an unacceptable scenario. Battery longevity is still catching up with technology available on many mobile devices, InfoWorld reports.

Security Issues

Security concerns represent another major impediment for companies that would otherwise enthusiastically embrace mobile technology. Using public Wi-Fi connections to handle sensitive data often found on company mobile devices is a potential security disaster waiting to happen.  However, mobile virtual private networks are less stable and secure than those associated with stationery devices. Mobile handsets and other technologies are also subject to frequent turnover due to market churn – this year’s hot device often becomes obsolete – and unsupported in a space of less than five years, according to Information Week.

Limited Capacity

Although tablets and mobile devices have largely displaced desktop and even laptop computers among the consumer market, mobile technology associated with such devices still has significant limitations for business and commercial use. One of the most significant is the lack of full office suite software on many mobile devices. Limited memory available on many mobile devices is another impediment preventing many companies from embracing mobile technology, according to CIO.

Lack of Market Knowledge

Many companies are simply unaware of the potential market reach of mobile technology. This lack of knowledge translates into an absence of enthusiasm for embracing mobile technology, Mobile Marketer reports. Many companies have not been able to categorize, let alone measure target audiences for their goods and services, and as a result, are reluctant to trust that sufficient interest exists  to make it worth their while to venture into the mobile technology space.

Risk Aversion

Related to lack of market knowledge is risk aversion, especially where significant monetary expenditures are involved. Especially in an environment defined by ongoing financial instability, investment in an unknown quantity is a less than inviting prospect. While such thinking is often short sighted, it is understandable.

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Laura understands the importance of mobiles and mobile technology.  She works as a writer and relies on her mobile phone to stay in touch with people when not at her desk.

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