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Published on February 20th, 2013 | by toptech


Hold a Dress Rehearsal Before You Go Live with Webcasting Software

You wouldn’t dream of staging a play without first holding a dress rehearsal, yet you might think the same activity is overkill as far as webcasting goes. For example, if you had a presentation you wouldn’t go unprepared and look like an idiot. It’s always a good idea to be prepared than sorry because the audience might be confused if the information is not clear. Also, when they ask you questions you want to make sure you can answer their questions so it shows that you did your research and homework. However, your audience could be dramatically larger than a play at the community’s playhouse – and the stakes higher. If your audience is much larger than the classroom, webcasting is a great presentation tool for you to enhance the visualization.

Webcasting is when you broadcast your video over the Internet using streaming media technology to distribute a single content source to many viewers. For example, when President Barack Obama makes a speech about the latest tax issues or gun laws, the video broadcasted live over different online video platform such as YouTube so many viewers can watch it. Even with President Obama he probably has practiced on what he will say before making the speech. As the President of the United States he can’t be fumbling on his words and the American public will see him as less creditable. Although practicing might seem unnecessary for some, here are some benefits for running a dress rehearsal and trail run on your presentation.

Benefits of Taking Your Webcasting Software and Your Presentation on a Trial Run

Holding a dress rehearsal before going live with webcasting software allows you to practice your presentation as well as become more familiar with the software’s webinar tools. Wouldn’t you rather find out that the sound of your voice is muted during a trial run than in the middle of a live event? Wouldn’t you prefer to find out that your PowerPoint presentation file is unreadable or missing in a dress rehearsal when no one is watching?

How to Hold a Webcasting Dress Rehearsal

First, schedule it. Like a traditional dress rehearsal, you’ll need your entire cast gathered in their costumes. By arriving in full dress, you’ll be able to find out if outfits clash or look bad on camera. You may also discover that bracelets or other jewelry makes distracting noises.

Next, it’s smart to have a few colleagues play the role of attendees so that they can evaluate the presentation and the webcasting software from a viewer’s perspective. After all, if there’s a sound problem on the audience’s side of the software, you won’t necessarily discover it on your own.

Allow all participants to get acquainted with the webcasting software and its webinar tools. For more complex software or larger groups of presenters, you may want to hold a separate training session. Finally, conduct the rehearsal from start to finish. Pretend that it’s the real event and learn from any mistakes or technicalities you encounter.

Mark Phillips  has worked in the IT industry for a number of years. He is also part-time lecturer and like to use webinar tools and live webcasting tools to teach his class. He found it to be convenient when you can’t be at two places at once.

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