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Published on February 11th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


HOT How Good Is The New Blackberry? The Blackberry Z10 Vs. The LG Optimus G

In general, a new Blackberry release isn’t really much to get excited about. Blackberrys have really lost their edge recently, and aren’t really competitive in today’s smart phone market. But with a lot of changes in the set-up of the company, and a new vow to become more of a contender, the new Blackberry Z10 might actually be worth looking at. Even just by looking at the new Z10 you can see that it’s not a typical Blackberry. Gone is the physical keyboard, and the Z10 is thin, sleek and sexy looking. But looks aren’t everything; a great smart phone needs functionality too. So we put the Z10 to the test up against the LG Optimus G, a top of the line smart phone that’s laden with features. Does the Blackberry have what it takes to stand up against one of the best handsets on the market? Below, we take a look at these two 3G UK available phones, how they compare and what their differences are. If you’re in the market for a brand new cell phone, then you might want to keep reading to find out which of these two we recommend.

What the LG Optimus G Can Do for You…

The Optimus actually has an awful lot of advantages. It has a far higher resolution camera, to start off with, coming with a massive 13 MP cam, rather than the standard 8 MP device on the Blackberry. This means that photos taken on the Optimus are better quality and have more fine detail than those taken on the Z10. It also has a lot more internal storage, coming with 32 GB of memory as opposed to 16 GB on the Z10. So you can store double the amount of music, photos, games and data on your LG. It has a larger screen, measuring in at 4.7 inches rather than the 4.3 inch screen on the Z10. Plus, you get better battery life. The Optimus averages fifty per cent more talk time and ten per cent more stand by time per battery charge cycle than the Blackberry does, resulting in you charging your phone much less often. You also get access to more apps on the Optimus, since it’s an Android phone. The Android App Market has seven times more available apps and games than the Blackberry App world, giving you that much more choice. Finally, the Optimus comes in around ten per cent thinner than the Blackberry.

What the Blackberry Z10 Offers…

Well, when compared to the Optimus, not that much. It does get faster maximum data speeds, which generally means quicker downloading and faster opening of web pages. However, since most people have their data speeds capped by their mobile providers long before it reaches the limit of their phones ability, this isn’t a huge issue. The Blackberry is around ten per cent lighter, but that’s probably down to the smaller screen size.

Which is a Better Buy?

Whilst the new Blackberry is definitely a huge step up from earlier models, our recommendation still goes to the LG Optimus. It’s just a better phone for your money, with more storage space, a better camera and a larger screen.

Phil Turner has been looking at 3G UK compatible mobile phones in recent months. He really wants bells and whistles AND a proper keyboard . . .

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