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Published on November 17th, 2016 | by simonhopes


How can Shielding Enclosures be used to Protect Global Military Assets?

Contemporary military grade hardware is becoming increasingly advanced due to the integration of high definition graphical interfaces, high-speed circuits, and embedded wireless features. The rising complexities in terms of military technology might afford tactical advantages but, at the same time, they are making them susceptible to threats of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). This sort of electronic disruption is commonly produced by electromechanical and electronic devices, and they wreak havoc on the overall performance of sensitive technology meant for defense, such as computer displays and windows on military vehicles as well as global positioning systems. Military hardware may begin to respond to such disturbances in an erratic and random fashion, thereby leading to potentially hazardous outcomes. RFI and EMI shielding enclosures offer an ideal solution to the problem. These are a form of protective technology that prevent interference and ensure the uninterrupted functionality and reliability of the different components, subsystems, and interconnects present within this defense hardware.5

How to Control the RFI?

Electrical or electronic machinery and devices are capable of releasing RFI and EMI directly into the environment. There is also the presence of conducted RFI that is emitted by the different electronic devices, capable of penetrating the various power line chords in the environment. This, in turn, can hamper the regular performance of various devices present on the same network. This sort of penetration may be controlled in an effective manner through the placement of a shield directly at the enclosure of the equipment. One may place a power-line filter for suppressing any radiation that the unit releases. This can lower the RFI levels to a manageable degree. Various sorts of shielding materials may be useful in offering military compliant shielding performance; such materials are usually sturdy yet lightweight, optically transparent, and capable of handling extreme climatic conditions.

Various Sorts of Materials Used for RFI Shielded Enclosure

RFI shielded enclosures come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes ranging from metal meshes and conductive foams to regular metal boxes. The transparent conductive films can help in protecting the touch screens and displays from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. Military outfits throughout the world are utilizing this substance and are reporting positive results. Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) is one of the key elements that is being used during the manufacturing of these kinds of conductive films. Based on the radio frequency levels, such materials are capable of providing shielding effectiveness up to 35dB.

Lots of different optically transparent materials like grapheme, conductive polymer, and carbon nanotube may also help in RFI shielding, but these are not used in the field of defense as the shielding results they provide are less than 20dB, falling short of the military shielding needs.

A few advanced composite materials are becoming popular because they are stable, lightweight, and resistant to chemical reaction-induced changes in temperature. The aerospace industry is increasingly using such high-performance materials.

A metal mesh can help to achieve a shielding effectiveness of 60dB and more. This helps in safeguarding important military equipment like handheld computers and laptops, battlefield tactics modules, and other communication systems from the effects of RFI. Wire mesh shielding is advantageous as it can withstand battlefield conditions, being resistant to corrosion and fire, and being highly sturdy.

The correct shielding procedures must be employed by the military personnel to prevent the unintended signals from being sent which may alert unauthorized individuals in the area. This is the reason why the global military forces have embraced comprehensive RFI and EMI shielding solutions. It helps in decreasing the vulnerability of military technology to potentially hazardous electronic disturbances.

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