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The HTC 8X Reviewed – A Great Windows Phone

One of the main advantages of the HTC 8X is that it has been given a great design. Reviewers have already praised this aspect of the handset and there are plenty of other features on the handset which have helped with its popularity. These include the screen and the battery life. With features such as these it is very easy to overlook some of the negative points of the handset.


The HTC 8X has been given a Windows Phone 8 operating system and the screen measures 4.3 inches, which is a great size for those who like to use the handset to watch videos or play games. Having 16GB of on-board storage makes it very easy not to worry about the lack of removable storage. This new operating system is very similar to that used on computers, so the user experience is much more high-tech than for most handsets. The user is able to personalise the homescreens, choosing the widgets that you will use more often and adding them as shortcuts. Social networking sites and email accounts can then be accessed at the touch of a button.

In the Hand

The handset has been designed to sit well in the hand and is not a heavy handset. The phone is ideal for music lovers with the on-board storage and the 3.5 mm headphone jack. If you are fashion conscious you get to choose from a variety of colours for the phone including blue, red and black.

Using the Phone

With a good quality resolution the phone is perfect for viewing images and surfing the net. Viewing the screen in poor light is also easy with the great viewing ankles and colours remain sharp. Emails and texts are easy to send thanks to the clear screen and typing is also a doddle on this particular handset.


With great on-board storage some users may want to use this handset as their main camera and the HTC 8X has been given an 8 megapixel camera. The features that go with it are not the most sophisticated but the camera has no time delay when you press the button and the end result is not to be sneezed at! You will also notice that the HD video recording is great quality and the auto focus feature is a godsend.


So with a phone this good you are going to want to spend a fair bit of time on it each day, right? And how will that affect the battery life? As even heavy users should get more than a day from a full charge on this battery there will be very few complaints. Moderate to light users will get a few days from it and this puts the HTC 8X well ahead of many other smartphones.

Is this the Phone for You?

If you can overlook the price tag on this phone you will realise that it does very well when compared to other handsets of this spec. You will find that the handset can do everything that you need it to, so why look elsewhere?

People are always asking Phil Turner, “What is the best smartphone?” If only there was a simple answer . . .

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