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Published on February 21st, 2013 | by Guest Writer


How The HTC HD7 Helps You Get The Most Out Of The Windows Phone OS

The latest Windows Phone OS has caused quite a stir, with many people saying that the new tiles based interface is the first mobile user experience to truly rival the well established iOS interface seen on iPhones, iPods and iPads. HTC’s great little HD7 handset was designed to work in perfect harmony with this fantastic operating system, and with its far lower price point than an iPhone or some of Nokia’s Windows Phone options, it makes for a great choice for those who want something above a basic Android smart phone but don’t want to shell out for something at the very top of the range.

The Little Touches That Matter

While the HTC HD7 does everything you would expect a smart phone in this part of the market to do, from offering you a great email and social media experience through to playing music and video, it has a few special touches that make it really fun to use, and which mark HTC out as a mobile phone manufacturer who is still looking to innovate, rather than simply resting on the capabilities of the OS and the apps that run on it to sell the hand sets. The HTC HD7 has a handy little kick stand, which is something not a lot of phone, or indeed tablet, designers have included. This actually makes a surprising difference to how convenient the phone is to use. If you are watching a movie or a TV show, the kick stand means you can just prop up the device and relax, rather than having to find a comfortable position to hold it in for long periods, or trying to wedge it upright against something.

Fantastic Gaming

One of the great things about Microsoft’s latest forays into mobile phone operating systems, is the way they have used a lot of the successful styling and user experience from the Xbox Live interface. This not only makes the HTC HD7 really intuitive to use for anyone who is at all familiar with the Xbox, but also means the phone is one of the most well prepared on the market when it comes to gaming. Rather than the basic, app based gaming you see on a lot of phones, the HTC HD7 really feels like it has been designed for people who enjoy their games, and in many ways is almost comparable to a portable games console like a PSP, only for the Xbox platform. If your idea of gaming is something a little more intense than Words With Friends or Angry Birds, this is definitely a phone you will want to check out. You can use your Xbox Live account for a lot of things within your phone too, meaning that all the time and effort you’ve spent on building up your gamer network and customizing your avatar now become part of your mobile experience. This is going to be a huge selling point for casual and serious gamers who are already invested in the Xbox culture.

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