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Published on February 20th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


The Huawei Ascend P1 S Vs. The Pantech Discover – Which Wins Us Over?

Everybody wants a nice looking phone, as well as one that functions well. But as more and more models appear on the market, our choice is just getting harder and harder. With so many great looking devices around, how can we possibly choose which one is best?

Of course, the best way of deciding on a new phone is by taking a good look at its specs, which is where we come in. Today we’re taking an in depth look at two models, the Huawei Ascend P1 S and the Pantech Discover.

They’re both Android phones, running the 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, and they both retail for similar and very reasonable prices. But which is better? Both are available from most operators, including T-Mobile, Orange and Tesco Mobile UK.

We put them to the test to find out how they compare and what exactly their differences are. If you’re in the market for a stylish new device, then keep reading to find out how these two match up, and which one gets our seal of approval…

Why You Should Go With the Pantech Discover…

There are a couple of benefits to the Discover. It gets faster maximum data speeds, which generally means quicker downloading and faster opening of web pages. It also has a lot more internal storage, coming with 16 GB of memory rather than the 4 GB on the Ascend, meaning that you can store four times more music, videos, games and photos on your device. The screen is larger on the Discover, which measures in at 4.8 inches over the Ascend’s 4.3 inches. Plus, you get a better camera. The Discover comes with a massive 12.6 MP in built device, as opposed to the standard 8 MP camera on the Ascend, making photos taken with the Discover better quality with more fine detail. Finally, you get better Bluetooth support on the Discover, which comes equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 rather than the older 3.0 version on the Ascend. If you frequently connect to Bluetooth devices such as hands free, the newer version means that you’ll get faster data transfer and that your phone will use less battery power when connecting.

Why You Might Want the Huawei Ascend P1 S…

The biggest benefit of the Huawei is it’s screen. It does have the smaller screen, but it’s much better quality. It’s a Super AMOLED screen, rather than the older TFT LCD technology on the Pantech, so it’s brighter and has more vivid colour reproduction. Not only that, but it has fifty per cent higher screen resolution and forty per cent more PPI (pixels per inch), which combine to make the display sharper and cleaner than that of the Discover. The Ascend does also come in a little smaller and thinner than the Discover.

Which One is the Better Deal?

Our recommendation is going to go with the Pantech Discover. We do like the better display on the Ascend, but the extra storage space and far better camera really tip the balance in favour of the Discover for us.

Phil Turner has done a lot of research into mobile phones and operators. He has found that Tesco Mobile UK compares very favourably with the big phone companies like O2 and Vodafone.

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