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Published on March 29th, 2013 | by Keira Rose


Importance of Page and Domain authority in SEO

Page and domain Authority are the ranking models that are used to predict the possibility of a single page or domain to rank on search results. Both page authority and domain authority models are used to target websites and pages that have better potential to perform in search engine result pages.

Domain Authority and its importance in SEO

Domain authority measures or calculates the performance of a website by its ranking on search engine result pages. In other words, DA calculates that how well the given domain will rank in search results of SEO experts use it to compare one site to another and determine the strength of their website.

Domain Authority is made up of metrics like mozRank, link profile, mozTrust, each of them has impact on the score. Domain Authority metrics are included into many SEO and online marketing websites all over the web. It can be measured by using, MozBar, open site explorer and SEOmoz’s free SEO toolbar.

How Domain Authority is determined:

Domain authority is measured by the scores on the scale. It is a logarithmic scale which ranges from 0-100. The points are given out of 100. The higher the score, the more is the potential for the individual page to rank well on that domain. It is measured by combining all the other metrics like mozRank, number of total links, linking root domains etc. into a single score. The domain Authority can fluctuate over time as the model is refined constantly.

Page Authority and its importance

Page authority is a model used to predict the ranking of a single page of the domain. The higher is the page authority, the more is the potential for the domain to attain higher ranking on search results. Page authority is also measured in the same way as the domain authority.

Therefore, both the Page Authority and Domain Authority help to determine the potential of the website. The higher the PA, DA, the more will be its ranking on search results.

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