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Published on February 18th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


Improve Your Cooking With A Smartphone App

Any busy parent knows that the opportunity to knock up a gourmet meal does not come along very often.  When both time and money are tight then basic meals are the order of the day.  There simply isn’t the time to flick through a variety of cook books to find something simple to do but tastes great, so turning to a smartphone app might be the answer.  There are many apps for Windows, iOS and Android mobile phones.


Allrecipes is a great app which contains thousands of recipes.  The user is able to search via the type of cuisine, the length of time that they have available to prepare it and by ingredients.  It costs nothing to use this app and it can help you to quickly come up with an idea for something different for dinner that will encourage even the fussiest eaters in the family.

A busy parent will also know how easy it is to ruin a meal when they are on the go all the time.  Dinner might be just about ready but when you are juggling thousands of tasks it can easily be forgotten about.  Set the Cooking Timer app and there will be a reminder when the meal is ready to be taken out of the oven.  You can time up to three items at the same time and it will help to co-ordinate dishes too.

Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker is one of the most famous names in the culinary world and you can use the app of the same name to help find great ideas for meals.  You can store your favourite recipes and use the app to create a shopping list for your next trip to the supermarket.   The app is easy to use and ideal for the beginner.

Salad Cooking Recipes

If you are one of those people for whom a salad is green leaves, a tomato and a few slices of cucumber then the Salad Cooking Recipes app is for you.  You get to find out more about the different types of salad that there are and try a few classic as well as unusual recipes.  Salads are great for those who want to eat healthily and those who can make something a little different might be able to persuade the kids to give them a try too.

Healthy Recipes: Cooking for Fast Weight Loss

Healthy eating is a big topic at the moment and you can add Healthy Recipes: Cooking for Fast Weight Loss to your smartphone to help you along.  The recipes on the app are designed to help you to feel full without loading your system with calories.  The app also guides you through cooking various different classic dishes and shows you how to make them healthier.

Cooking Like a Chef Tips

If there is someone in your house who fancies themselves as the next Jamie Oliver then ‘Cooking Like a Chef Tips’ is the app that you need.  Professional chefs have put this together to show amateur cooks how to make their dishes appear restaurant quality.  Tips are delivered to the phone on a regular basis or the user can search depending upon the type of dish that they want to prepare.

Phil Turner has spent many hours looking at Android mobile phones trying to choose the one that will best suit his needs.

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