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Published on March 25th, 2013 | by toptech


Why Indoor RC Helicopters Are Ideal

Most remote control toys – cars, boats, and helicopters – are designed for outdoor use. Nevertheless, outdoor conditions are not always conducive for playing these toys. This is the reason why some manufacturers deemed it necessary to produce indoor versions of these toys we’ve come to love. Yes, even helicopters may now be flown indoors, too.

If you are contemplating on purchasing an indoor helicopter but have no idea how to operate it, you need to keep several things in mind. For instance, while flying an RC helicopter indoor seems more convenient, it could be very dangerous especially if you have many glass windows at home. Some manufacturers label their products as fit for both indoor and outdoor use, but in reality, these are only good when used outside.

You wouldn’t want to risk your windows and other valuable knick-knacks that are breakable. Hence, make sure that the blades of the helicopter you are purchasing are made of foam rubber or other soft material. That way, even if the helicopter bumps into your furniture, walls, or windows, there wouldn’t be any heavy damage to your things and to the helicopter itself. If you see that the blades of the helicopter you’re about to purchase is made of plastic or metal, then choose another one.

People who live in areas where the weather is mostly inclement or where frequent snowstorms occur have discovered how much fun indoor helicopters like the E-Flight Radio Control Helicopters could be. Incidentally, this particular RC helicopter is definitely fit for both indoor and outdoor use. Of course, even when flying helicopters that have foam or soft blades, you still need to be careful. One wrong move could make the helicopter spin out of control, knocking down some of the decors in your house.

Never make the mistake of purchasing an indoor RC helicopter just because you think it’s easier to control (given the fact that there’s barely any wind blowing indoors that could impede with the helicopter). If you have seen an actual helicopter take off from the ground, then you have noticed how it generates enough wind to blow things that are near it. The same is true with indoor helicopters. Even something as small can generate wind energy when it flies. Hence, if you have papers lying around unsecured, these could get blown away.

Apart from the possibility of knocking down your décor or blowing papers around, indoor remote control helicopters are often the safest to operate. Moreover, indoor helicopters are much cheaper than outdoor helicopters with plastic or metal blades.

Obviously, the decision whether to get an indoor or outdoor remote control helicopter would still depend on you. At any rate, you should go for the one that you feel you would be most comfortable with. However, if you are a newbie and you want some unsolicited advice, you’d probably fare better with an indoor helicopter. Practice controlling it indoors first. Master all the twists and turns, and once you feel you’re ready for some high-flying action, then perhaps you could buy one for outdoor use and start exploring your helicopter’s capabilities.

Dennis Lassiter is the store manager at Soaring Heights, a hobby and crafts store for RC hobbyists.

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