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Published on February 7th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


Different IPhone Protective Devices To Prevent Damage.

When smart phones, iPhones and other hand held devices were released to the world, protective covering wasn’t as common as it is today. Once more and more people started filing insurance claims and more of these were getting broken from light damage or falling, Apple decided it was probably time to start developing better protection for the iPhones. The iPhone while it seems like an eternity has only been around since 2007 (June 29). The problem with this was, you would have to invest about $500 to $600 in a device that didn’t have any protection and that was extremely fragile. Just one drop could have ruined it forever.

While Apple has done some extensive testing and switched to the optical grade class so that the get the innovative touch screen, they’re still slightly on the weak side. One of the great things about the pre-existing cover and state of the iPhone is that it’s nearly impossible to scratch. Some people claim that even with a key, the iPhone is nearly non-scratch able and that it’s very durable but some people report the exact opposite saying that it’s easily broken and should be cuddled like a puppy dog at the risk of not having it break on you.

However, even if the first people are right and the iPhone isn’t that prone to scratches or breaking, this doesn’t mean you should go without protection and leave it as is when you get it. You should always have a protective case over anything of value just in case something does happen to it. There are several different things you can get to help protect your iPhone.

iPhone Skin – A skin is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a piece of silicone plastic that wraps completely around your phone and is mainly used to protect it from scratches or dents. While it’s been said that it CAN offer some level of protection against drops, this shouldn’t be the main protection from drops. You can still navigate while wearing a skin and you can press all the buttons you need. Skins may come in a wide variety of different colors from blue, to red to black.

Cases And Wallets – While a skin is nice, the case or wallet is the next step up when it comes to style. Cases often come with a belt clip so that you don’t have to continuously reach into your pocket to read a text or check your messages. While there are already phone holsters available, one thing cases and wallets do that holsters don’t is protect your phone from potential damage.

Screen Protectors – This commonly is a little thin piece of silicone that has a back made out of adhesive and it’s designed to cover the front of the iPhone. The great thing about protectors is they protect it from dust and sun glare and you can cover the protector with a skin as well. Combining all of these accessories together is the best way to make sure your iPhone is protected safe and sound.

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