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Published on May 8th, 2015 | by simonhopes


It Might Be Time to Trade in Your Regular Cigarettes for E-Cigarettes

Do you know what “vaping” is? If not, you’re behind the times. Vaping is to smoking what mobile phones are to landlines – the next big thing, and getting bigger. E-cigarettes are an innovative way for people who enjoy smoking to get their nicotine fix without inconveniencing themselves or those around them. Where once you had to excuse yourself from to take a cigarette break, today you can vape amongst your friends with nary a complaint from anyone. The revolution is here, and it’s electronic, and if you’re not already a part of it, you should want to be.

How electronic cigarettes, e-cigarettes (or e cigs, for short) work is similar to the way a hookah or other kind of smoking pipe works. Basically, you have a liquid that is converted into vapour. The difference is that rather than inhaling toxic smoke that may contain far more nefarious ingredients than tobacco, what you’re inhaling with e cigs is basically flavoured liquid nicotine water. This is why when you make use of an e-cigarette, you’re not smoking. You’re taking in the vapour, or “vaping.” Thanks to e cigs, the smell of smoke can be banished from your clothes, your drapes and your vehicle.

Choose Your Own Olfactory Adventure

As for that aforementioned flavour, and the accompanying smell, your choices are very nearly limitless. You can vape the sweetness of candy or chocolate or get energised by the citrusy goodness of orange and mango. If you’re more the nostalgic type, you can also find vaping liquid, which some refer to as juice,  that mimics the flavour and smell of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Since cigarettes are not as cool or sexy as they used to be, such smells might be best enjoyed at home. However, the beauty of e-cigs is that, unlike cigarettes, you’re not limited to a single flavour each time you vape.

There are many reasons why people choose e-cigarettes over the traditional kind. Even though their effectiveness hasn’t been officially evaluated, some believe that switching to e cigs is healthier than sticking with the real deal. You don’t necessarily know what additives a real cigarette might contain. When you light them up, you’re breathing all that in. As stated before, e-cigarettes do away with the smoke in favour of vapour that is arguably much less harmful. You can also save money by switching to electronic cigarettes. Regular cigarettes are just so much more expensive.

Embrace the Future

In the past, Hollywood portrayed smoking as sexy and stylish. Today, science has proven that the attractiveness of cigarette smoking was a bit of an illusion. More research is needed about their effects, but there’s no denying the pleasure involved. Thanks to electronic cigarettes, you can vape to your heart’s content with a variety of flavours, without worrying about smelling disgusting afterwards. Whether you’re just curious about them as a phenomenon or want to try a different way to satisfy your craving for nicotine, e cigs represent an intriguing break from the norm.


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