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Published on February 18th, 2013 | by Guest Writer


The LG Optimus G – A Quad Core Charismatic Phone From Korea

LG had a pretty hard time of it in 2012 in general. Their phones over recent years have not performed brilliantly in the marketplace. Overall, the brand is synonymous with quality, but the competition in the smartphone market is extraordinary. With the LG Optimus G, they brought an offering with the QUALCOMM S 4 pro chip. For the Korean firm, this takes their mobile phones to a completely different plane. So, let’s see how it stacks up.

Appearance and dimensions

The Optimus G certainly gives the impression of a phone that deserves the mantle “flagship”. It is a little bit weighty at 140 grams. But in my opinion this adds to the feel of quality and class.

It is a wide and very large phone. With a plastic casing, it can seem a little slippery when held, but it looks nice and impressive, especially the version cased in white.

The front is very plain, with the display reaching close to the edges. It is really what you’d expect from a large phone these days. It has sleek lines and is attractive overall.

The camera

The camera on the phone appears to be excellent. At 13 megapixels, it takes excellent photos. The protruding lenses at the back does spell warning signs for accidental damage and perhaps it should have been recessed. It provides an extra lip to protect it, but you may see some of these turning up in a year or so with damaged cameras.

The Screen

The phone feels sturdy and provides an excellent media experience through an excellent screen. It offers natural colours; it is sharp and really does have the wow factor to amaze your friends. Some people don’t enjoy the display. Some say it doesn’t provide clear and true image perspective. However, it is impressive and is enough to get envious glares when put on a table with friends’ and colleagues’ phones.

The Samsung super mode HD screen is actually better than the LG in my opinion and offers even more in terms of vibrant colors and deep pictures.


In summary, the phone offers a very fast CPU, a really cool unlock feature, and is beautiful for media and entertainment. On the negative side, the phone doesn’t have a very good keyboard and the front is perhaps a little bland and basic. But then, many of the LG products follow this design and it is becoming a bit of their brand identity in my opinion.

LG is going to have to fight to get a foothold in the market. The competition is insane. Their recent partnership with Google seems to have done wonders for them and perhaps they will reach the levels to which they aspire over the next year or two.

Phil Turner has a Tesco Mobile UK phone that he uses on his trips to the UK to save roaming charges on his Irish phone.

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