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Published on February 21st, 2013 | by Guest Writer


Limited Budget?  One Of These Smartphones Could Be Perfect For You

One of the painful things about new technology is that it is often sold at a price that makes it hard for most of us to afford. While over time these prices do drop, that doesn’t help us get our hands on this technology much sooner. Android smart phones have become the newest trend in mobile technology and if you are into tech at all you probably want one.

The thing that might be stopping you is the idea that you can’t afford a good Android smart phone. While you may not be able to go out and by the biggest, baddest, most awesome phone on the market at the moment, there are actually a lot of Android smart phones that can fit into just about anyone’s budget. In fact a lot of companies are now catering to those who are on a budget and it is easier than ever to get your hands on an Android.

While you will be giving up some of the higher end features by buying a budget conscious Android, you really are not giving up as much as you think. The main difference between the higher end phones and the budget models is simply in the software they use and some of the hardware.

The main reason you want an Android smart phone is for its usability and for apps and a budget phone can give you all this without forcing you to take out a second mortgage. So before you lock yourself in a cage and throw a blindfold over your eyes, check out these phones.

T- Mobile Vivacity

At first glance most people would swear that the Vivacity is an upper end phone but the fact is that despite its bright appearance, the Vivacity is actually very affordable. If you are looking for a budget Android smart phone that doesn’t skimp on the features then the Vivacity is definitely what you are looking for. It has a very bright screen and is very easy to use. The one drawback of this phone is that it does use Gingerbread instead of the newer versions of Android but really most users will not notice a difference at all.

HTC Explorer

One of the reasons people may hesitate to drop big wads of cash on an Android smart phone is because they don’t know how to use one. If you fall into this category then you want to look into the HTC Explorer. This particular Android smart phone is aimed at the first time user and is priced accordingly. Even if you don’t need a first timer type phone, the HTC Explorer is still a really solid phone and it only takes a little bit of fiddling around to get it to do all these things other Androids can do.

So there you have it, two Android smart phones that can fit into anyone’s budget. Before you dismiss them as being inferio,r go find one and try it out, then try out a higher end model, chances are you won’t be able to tell a difference.

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